"Luigi’s Mansion 3" Receives DLC Part 1 With The Multiplayer Pack

"Luigi's Mansion 3" Receives DLC Part 1 With The Multiplayer Pack

Nintendo revealed that the first DLC pack for Luigi's Mansion 3 is now available for you to download, which includes the multiplayer option You get three new costumes and some additional content in this one But best of all, you can now go ghost hunting with three of your friends in special games Basically, you're[...]

"Code Vein" Shows Off The New Hellfire Knight DLC

Bandai Namco took a moment this week to show off the new Hellfire Knight DLC that is currently available for Code Vein The new character is available for $10 right now if you wish, or he comes as part of the Season Pass if you bought that for $25 Along with the amazing new look[...]

"Samurai Shodown" Reveals Second Season DLC Characters

"Samurai Shodown" Reveals Second Season DLC Characters

SNK announced the DLC characters for the second season of Samurai Shodown, with more characters taking us deeper into the franchise's lore Four more characters will be on the way, three we know about and one mystery guest yet to be revealed The three we know of are Mina Majikina, Sogetsu Kazama, and Iroha The[...]

"Tropico 6" Reveals New "The Llama Of Wall Street" DLC

"Tropico 6" Reveals New "The Llama Of Wall Street" DLC

This morning, Kalypso Media announced a brand new DLC pack is on the way for Tropico 6, and you'll become "The Llama Of Wall Street" Basically, this is your way of becoming a billionaire tycoon in the small country you're already running You can download the DLC for PC, PS4, and Xbox One today and[...]

Ubisoft Adds The Botanical Garden DLC To "Anno 1800"

Ubisoft just released a brand new DLC pack for Anno 1800, where you get to build the greatest gardens people have ever seen two centuries ago The Botanical Garden update allows you to take portions of the city and transform them into your own version of Central Park A cultural center of lush greenery for[...]

Samurai Shodown Receives An Official Release Date in June 2019

The Fourth "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" DLC Fighter Could Be From An SNK Franchise

Attentive Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans have discovered a copyright for the SNK Corporation at the bottom of Nintendo's official Fourth Challenger Pack DLC page Fans are extrapolating that it could mean the currently unknown upcoming Smash Bros fighter could hail from an SNK produced franchise like Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, or King of Fighters.[caption id="attachment_1032295" align="aligncenter"[...]

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"Two Point Hospital" Receives "Close Encounters" DLC

SEGA and Two Point Studios revealed new DLC content for Two Point Hospital as you're going to be dealing with aliens this time around Basically, all sorts of alien species have descended upon the area in "Close Encounters" to both help and spread disease at the same time You'll be getting three new unusual hospitals[...]

SNK Shows Off "Samurai Shodown" DLC Content At EVO 2019

SNK Shows Off "Samurai Shodown" DLC Content At EVO 2019

SNK dropped another major announcement at EVO 2019 as they revealed all of the DLC characters on the way for Samurai Shodown this year During the event, a trailer ran showing off the game and properly showing off all the characters to come We now know that Rimururu will be coming this month, Shizumaru Hisame[...]

Nintendo Releases "Dragon Quest" Hero Into "Smash Bros." Today

Nintendo Releases "Dragon Quest" Hero Into "Smash Bros." Today

Nintendo pulled a bit of a surprise on everyone today by releasing the Hero from Dragon Quest earlier than expected into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Originally, it looked like they had slated the release for August 4th to happen at the end of EVO 2019, but the news came down today that the character is […]

"Tetris 99" WIll Be Getting A Second DLC Pack This Year

"Tetris 99" WIll Be Getting A Second DLC Pack This Year

Those of you hoping for more content to come to Tetris 99, you're in luck as there will be a new DLC pack coming to the game sometime this year Nintendo released information on their Japanese website confirming that there will be a second DLC pack coming to the game sometime in 2019 They honestly[...]

"One Piece: World Seeker" Receives DLC Announcement At Anime Expo 2019

"One Piece: World Seeker" Receives DLC Announcement At Anime Expo

Bandai Namco is just full of surprises at Anime Expo 2019 as they have announced new DLC content will be coming to One Piece: World Seeker The DLC will be called The Void Mirror Prototype and will feature totally new content for the storyline as they focus primarily on Zoro as you explore the Prison[...]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Teases Their Season Pass With a Trailer

"Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown" Receives Its Second DLC Pack

Some good news for those currently playing Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, as Bandai Namco has released the second DLC pack for the game The new pack includes a new plane to take on as you'll have access to the ADF-01 FALKEN aircraft (which can utilize TLS, 4AAM and FAEB special weapons) You also get[...]

Dead Or Alive 6 Receives the King of Fighters XIV DLC Today

"Dead Or Alive 6" Receives the King of Fighters XIV DLC Today

Koei Tecmo is finally adding the King Of Fighters XIV DLC to Dead Or Alive 6 today as players can now fight as either Mai Shiranui or Kula Diamond If you paid the $93 for the season pass, you'll automatically get both characters today If you're looking to buy them individually, here's what you're looking[...]

Overcooked! 2 - Campfire Cook Off Announcement Trailer

Team17 Announce Campfire Cook Off DLC for Overcooked 2

Before going into PAX East this week, Team17 announced a new DLC pack for Overcooked 2 as you'll be headed to the woods for Campfire Cook Off This new DLC players will take players on a camping trip in which they'll have to deal with all sorts of situations while trying to feed hungry campers[...]

LEGO DC Super-Villains Receives New DLC in DC Movie Character Pack

It looks like you'll be getting a whole new set of characters added to LEGO DC Super-Villains as WBIE has added a special DLC pack to the game Today the company made available for download a new character set with the DC Movie Character Pack You can purchase the pack for $2 and receive the film versions[...]

SoulCalibur VI

SoulCalibur VI Will Be getting a New Patch for Balances and DLC

update was delayed because of the DLC character 2B from NieR: Automata, so all resources went into including her in the game and we didn't get the update on time like they had hoped But the upcoming patch will not only go toward improving online matchmaking, it will make Ring Out wins easier, fix issues with hitboxes, eliminate[...]

Mii Fighter DLC is Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Ultimate, as 2019 will bring some new DLC for them In Nintendo's FAQ area, one of the questions added was about DLC for the game, which they put in as best a response they could for the time being, without revealing any hidden content One of the surprises in that listing, however, does say that[...]

Treyarch Reveals Details to Black Ops 4 Next DLC Absolute Zero

Treyarch has some fun surprises in store for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as they have a new DLC on the way called Operation: Absolute Zero Aside from the fact that you'll be getting a new specialist named Zero, Blackout and Zombies are getting a bit of an overhaul to have a winter theme,[...]

Joker from Persona 5 DLC in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Reveal Trailer

Joker from Persona 5 Will Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The first additional DLC character has been announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and it is Joker from Persona 5! It shouldn't come as any shock after seeing the game take off like a rocket and become one of the best titles of 2017 So it's awesome to see Nintendo recognize that and work with Atlus[...]

Darksiders III

Darksiders 3 Next DLC Will Take People to the Serpent Holes

This week, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games announced the post-launch DLC content coming to Darksiders 3, with two Serpent Hole adventures The company only gave descriptions with no photos or video of two new sections called The Crucible and Keepers of the Void, both of which have unknown release dates at this time They sound[...]