'Battlegrounds' Boasting One Million Sales While 'H1Z1' Tries To Fix Issues

There's an old adage that says "You can only run so fast when you're running by yourself." Once you get competition, you start to feel the pressure and do everything you can to make yourself better. Which is why it's so cool to see the fight for battle royale shooters is getting interesting. Today, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sent out a press release boasting that not only are they on top of sales for two weeks straight on Steam, but that they've surpassed the one million sales marker. That's pretty impressive for an Early Access game with an already established competitor on the market.


Meanwhile, H1Z1 isn't going to take it lying down. After months of complaints about the system and gameplay, it appears they're finally working out some kinks. But considering what's on this list of stuff they just added to the game, it feels like this is stuff they've already fixed and were just sitting on for something else. Here's a quick list of improvements to H1Z1 that took effect last week.

  • Team Follow Cam so that when you die you can watch teammates instead of the area you died in.
  • New servers for the East Coast, as well as a region connection test at the main menu.
  • Vehicles now lose performance at different damage percentage rates, depending on the vehicle. (So no more off-roading forever or turning the game into H1Car1.)
  • New hit colors to identify whether you killed armor or helmet, as well as if you hit a friend or foe.
  • Fixed up environments and smoothed out graphics to prevent issues with loading.


There's also a litany of bug fixes, but something that H1Z1 didn't address… the rampant hacking which has turned several servers into a joke. If they truly wanted to prove there were better than the "new hotness," they'd address those problems next. We'll see how things shape up between the two over the next few weeks.

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