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Daybreak Games Has Another Round Of Layoffs
The studio, previously known for H1Z1, and currently working on titles like DC Universe Online and Planetside, has been having trouble staying afloat in recent years In the last year, the company had two rounds of layoffs The biggest being back in December 2018 when they laid off 70 employees before Christmas, and then again[...]
H1Z1 Will Change Names Again to Z1 Battle Royale… But Why?
Some news out of the blue today as H1Z1 will officially change its name for the fourth time and will become Z1 Battle Royale moving forward Daybreak Games has handed over the reins to a new developer, NantG, but will still remain the publisher of the title as they have taken over all of the assets[...]
H1Z1 is Receiving a Free Expansion on the PS4 for Season 3
The PS4 version of H1Z1 is going to be getting a free expansion update with a ton of new content for the game as Season 3 kicks off next week Daybreak Games will be kicking off Season 3 on February 21st, which will include what they're calling the "largest update in the history of H1Z1 on[...]
H1Z1 Pro League Will Shut Down Due To Several Issues
Oh, H1Z1 Pro League, we hardly knew ye Word came down this morning that the esports league would be closing up shop due to several issues. Twin Galaxies co-chairman Jace Hall sent out a message to players and organizers, which ESPN got a copy of, letting everyone know the 2ND Split was suspended indefinitely and that everyone[...]
Daybreak Games Announces All Their Halloween Events in Their Titles
This event features familiar favorite quests, new "Grave Memories" collection, and even new costume illusions, house items, and recipe book for crafters! H1Z1: Hauntfest (Event Dates: Oct 23 – Nov 6, 2018) H1Z1 on PS4 is bringing a new arcade mode, Hauntfest, as well as seasonal battle pass and crate just in time for Halloween[...]
Daybreak Games Adding New Content to H1Z1 on PS4
This morning, Daybreak Games gave a bit of a preview to some of the new additions they have on the way for H1Z1 on the PS4 While it may not be a laundry list of additions and improvements like a lot of people usually hope for in battle royale games, these are significant additions that[...]
h1z1 ps4 battle royale launch
In case you've been wondering when the PS4 version of H1Z1 would finally receive the full version of Battle Royale mode, the time is nearly upon us Today Daybreak Games made the official announcement that the mode would leave open beta and be added in-full to the console on August 7th As a bit of[...]
Daybreak Games Celebrates 10 Million H1Z1 Players on PS4
The folks over at Daybreak Games would like to celebrate an H1Z1 milestone on the PS4 they achieved faster than some thought they might The company announced earlier today that they have reached 10 million players on the console version of the game, reaching that goal far sooner than expected It does make sense, if[...]
H1Z1 is Getting a New Map Called Outbreak for Battle Royale
For those of you who haven't abandoned H1Z1 completely and still love the game, you'll be getting a new map this week called Outbreak We have pictures for you, as well as details from the developers below in their press release for it this morning But the short version is you're getting an 8×8 map that's[...]
Yes, players are now starting to report hilarious deaths in PUBG and H1Z1 because their immediate impulse under fire is not to run for cover but to build. Personally, I find this hilarious, because I'm one of those FPS transplant Fortnite players who forgets that building is a thing and goes to run for cover — and then gets[...]
PlayStation Shows Off New Footage of H1Z1 on Their Console
For a lot of battle royale players, they've already moved onto PUBG or Fortnite and have left H1Z1 behind But Daybreak Games isn't planning on just going off into the sunset, as the company is working toward releasing the game on the PlayStation 4 To get some hype going for the game before it's released[...]
Daybreak Games Backpedals from Allegations of Russian Ownership
The studio is mostly known for developing the shooter H1Z1, but has also worked on Everquest II and Planetside 2 However, the developer is in trouble now not for its game history, but a connection to a Russian oligarch Daybreak's ownership has come under fire as many believe that it was investment firm Columbus Nova who bought out[...]
Michelle Rodriguez and Kristine Leahy Will Guest Star on H1Z1 Pro League
The H1Z1 Pro League is making every effort to stand out with their inaugural season kickoff, including bringing in some star power as Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and Furious, Avatar, Girlfight) and Kristine Leahy (American Ninja Warrior, The Herd) will be joining in the festivities Both women will be on stage at the "Twin Galaxies Esports Center" to[...]
H1Z1 Partners with AKRacing While Tickets for ProLeague Go on Sale
Today the H1Z1 Pro League dropped a couple pieces of news regarding their next season of play The first being that tickets for the league are now on sale, and the other being they've formed a new partnership with AKRacing First with AKRacing, as the company will be providing all 75 players with an H1PL-branded gaming chair[...]
video games overwatch
I've fired shotguns in H1Z1, COD, Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite, Star Wars, Gears Of War, Halo, the list goes on… and I've fired real shotguns, as well as an AK-47, a revolver, a hunting rifle, and an old machine gun in my lifetime. A video game does not prepare you for the kickback to a gun, for[...]