Battletech is Free on Steam This Weekend

Battletech is Free on Steam This Weekend

Battletech is a tabletop strategy franchise brought to the digital gamer by way of Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive. The game has been consistently updated post-launch and has generally been received well. However, you may know it as the game that angered gamers by providing a gender-neutral option for players. Because a game about fighting mechs clearly needs to stand by the good old transphobic gender binary.

If you can wrap your head around that one tiny detail, you'll find yourself with a deep strategy game that takes mech combat in directions you wouldn't expect.

And, it's free to play on Steam until Monday. Which gives you enough time to get relatively deep into the base campaign and even tool around with some of the other game modes.

The free Steam weekend is also well timed, since Battletech is on sale for 40% off (so $24 USD) until February 25th. So you can play the full free weekend and still take some time to think things over before making the purcahse. Which is super nice.

You can even pick up the base game, digital deluxe content, the DLC bundle, and season pass all for 20% off ($71.99 USD total). A la carte, the Flashpoint DLC is on sale for 10% and the deluxe content is on sale for 30%, while the season pass is still at full retail price.

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