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Beadle & Grimm's Reveals D&D Spelljammer Special Editions

During D&D Direct, Beadle & Grimm's announced they would be releasing their own special editions of Spelljammer. Today, we have details! The team will be releasing Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. in both a Platinum and Silver Edition to enhance your gaming experience, which includes a set of 20 figures that have been customized for the setting as well as a map vault to take your adventures in space to the next level. We're talking content you only used to see in RPGs centered around franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars.

Beadle & Grimm's Reveals D&D Spelljammer Special Editions
Credit: Beadle & Grimm's

The Beadle & Grimm's Platinum Edition is packed with exclusive D&D items, including, but not limited to:

  • A TUBE FULL OF D&D MAPS: A hallmark of Beadle & Grimm's boxed sets are the beautifully rendered battle maps and area maps, and the Spelljammer set will continue that tradition, including but not limited to battle maps of key spelljamming ships
  • PRE-PAINTED WIZKIDS MINIATURES: Exclusively included in the Platinum Edition are 20 pre-painted miniatures specially selected from the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space series from WizKids. Curated by Beadle & Grimm's, this set provides the DM with key monsters and NPCs included in this adventure.
  • IN-WORLD PLAYER HANDOUTS: When the players receive a hand-written invitation, find a mysterious note, or discover a key written clue, the DM can actually hand these beautifully designed pieces to the player instead of simply reading them.
  • JEWELRY & ARTIFACTS: Each Platinum Edition will contain several expertly crafted key artifacts, including important objects the players are searching for, custom tokens for use as gameplay aids, and jewelry players can wear.
  • ENCOUNTER CARDS: Designed to fit over the DM's screen, these cards feature encounter artwork on the player side and all the crucial stats and role-playing information on the DM's side.
  • DM SCREEN: The exterior will feature fantastical original art from Beadle & Grimm's, while the interior will give the DM the quick-reference tables and adventure-specific information needed to smoothly run their game.
  • BONUS ENCOUNTERS: Additional encounters created exclusively by Beadle & Grimm's to take advantage of areas, elements or themes of this adventure, these short encounters can be dropped in by the DM to further immerse the players in the world and expand their game experience.
  • SPELLJAMMER: ADVENTURES IN SPACE: The contents of the complete published books from Dungeons & Dragons are included in soft cover form, including sections designed exclusively for the players' eyes.
  • PLATINUM EDITION BOX: The most luxurious adventure set could only be delivered in the most luxurious box available. The Platinum Edition box is the perfect storage for all the unique elements for this adventure as well a necessary addition to any gamer's shelf.

"The Spelljammer campaign setting is such a unique opportunity to curate a box that feels different than anything we've ever done before. When the design team at Wizards of the Coast shared their vision for a pulpy sci-fi space rock opera we immediately responded: we're IN." said Bill Rehor, Beadle & Grimm's lead on Spelljammer: Adventures in Space Platinum and Silver Editions.

"Spelljamming ship maps, space horrors, intergalactic political intrigue… I mean, what's not to love?! Long-time Spelljammer fans, and those DMs new to the setting, are going to have a blast immersing their players in Wildspace," adds Beadle & Grimm's co-founder Matthew Lillard.

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