The Beta For Star Wars: Battlefront II Has Been Extended

The Beta For Star Wars: Battlefront II Has Been Extended

The Star Wars: Battlefront II beta has been extended for all players across PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms, so you can keep on playing the game before it launches.  An update has been made to the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta event page, which now indicates that the beta closes Thursday October 12 at 3:00 AM EDT.

The beta was originally scheduled to finish yesterday after being available as an early access for pre-order customers since October 4 and has been open to all as of October 6. Which gave us just a few days of beta, which is pretty common as AAA beta tests go in 2017.

However, since those beta tests are often less quality testing and more free promotion for publishers these days, I'm actually kind of pleased to see this one being extended. Its hard to properly QA a game with just a few days of testing, especially if that testing comes the weekend before launch. Yes, I'm looking at you Ubisoft. And given the strong reaction to the first modern Battlefront, it's probably a good thing the beta is continuing so EA can make sure that the reception to the game at launch is where they want it to be.

And as many have commented since the beta opened, while the game is fun, it features a loot box system, which has given players cause to worry about the potential pay-to-win nature of the full game.

So, can we all agree that no one enjoys the loot box system and maybe get rid of some micro-transactions? That would be lovely.

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