"Black Desert" For PS4 Receives A Free Awakening Update

Pearl Abyss has dropped a brand new update into the PS4 version of Black Desert today, bringing in an Awakening for the Mystic and Shai. The short version of this is that both characters are getting a bunch of new abilities and talents starting at Level 56. We have a rundown of what they will receive, and if you're at Level 56 in Black Desert already, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

"Black Desert" For PS4 Receives A Free Awakening Update
Credit: Pearl Abyss

Once players reach Level 56, Shai will receive the talent update instead of an Awakening like other classes. Shai can play a lute, flute, or djembe and create different songs that change the tide of battle:

  • Do It Better! – An energetic tune that buffs AP and special attacks

  • Shout to the Sky – Provide a health buff

  • Sun, Moon, Stars – A dynamic tune that increases agility

  • Summer Rain – This refreshing song briefly increases status resistance

After reaching Level 56, Mystic will be able to utilize her Awakening abilities. By transferring the energies of Banha the Azure Dragon through her Cestus battle glove, she can channel her inner strength to decimate her foes.

  • Wave Orb – Mystic channels all her energy and unleashes a massive attack on her foes

  • Dragon's Pit – Summons Banha the Sea Dragon to encircle enemies dealing damage to anyone foolish enough to be caught inside it

  • Sea Burial – Quickly leap forward and unleashes a rapid barrage of attacks that knock all enemies to the ground

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