Black Desert Mobile Adds New Constellations & Treasure System

Pearl Abyss has added a new update this week into Black Desert Mobile, introducing a new treasure system as well as new constellations. The battlegrounds are now complete for constellations as they have added several new stages in the form of Goblin, Giant, and Black Dragon. The updated constellations will offer you a chance to further explore options for more advanced Adventurers. As for the other additions, we have some of the notes from the dev team about the treasure system below, but you can read the complete patch notes here.

Credit: Pearl Abyss
Credit: Pearl Abyss

We are all familiar with alluring and mysterious artifacts, like the Holy Grail with its miraculous properties, the One Ring which brings about both power and destruction, or the Magic Lamp and its three wishes. In the Black Desert Mobile world, legendary treasures are both a romantic tribute to stories that have a special place in our hearts and an incentive to adventure! In contrast to action-based calls to adventure in the other content, "Orzeca's Treasure" will let you be more in tune with your sentimental side. The first treasure of this update is Ornette's Blessed Potion. This potion, blessed by the spirits, will recover 1000 HP for the adventurer. What's more, the potion will refill instantly upon use.

If you are one of the many Adventurers who are enticed by the endless healing power of this treasure, build "Orzeca's Garden" in your camp and look for the clues there. But beware that when looking for a valuable treasure like this, you are beginning a difficult journey. The world is vast and there are many lost and forgotten Treasures to be found. New treasures will be added in the future and the acquisition difficulty of each will depend on the treasure's effects. We know this might be unfamiliar territory, as it is quite different from our previous content, but we hope that it can be a refreshing new adventure for everyone!

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