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Black Desert Online Has Launched Woosa Awakening Class

The Woosa class has finally awakened in Black Desert Online, as players can experience one of the twin classes right now.

Pearl Abyss has released the first of many content updates for the latest chapter coming Black Desert Online, as the Woosa Class has awakened. One of the first ever twin-class characters to be released for the game, you'll now have a formidable magic user who draws strength from the afterlife. This basically serves as one of the many preambles to the release of Land Of The Morning Light, the first major expansion to the game in 2023, which will be released on June 16th. For now, we have more info and a couple of videos below, showcasing what the character can do and how best to utilize them throughout your entire experience.

Black Desert Online Has Launched Woosa Awakening Class
Credit: Pearl Abyss
Woosa Awakening offers a new playstyle for players to experience in Black Desert Online, drawing strength from the Seocheon Flower Garden found in the Korean afterlife:
  • Moonlit Blast: Woosa summons explosive flowers around her, dealing heavy Area of Effect (AoE) damage.
  • Floral Burst: Woosa creates small seeds in front of her that blossom into flowers after a short duration, dealing significant damage within an area.
  • Seocheon Field: Woosa creates small flowers that bloom at the targeted location and explode like mines when enemies approach them.
  • Mark of the Moon: Woosa damages enemies in front of her and leaves a mark on a target. Her summoned flowers pursue the marked target, claiming its soul before exploding after some time.
Maegu Awakening will launch in June and introduce a refreshed, melee-heavy combat approach, enabling her to finally dual-wield her fans with new techniques:
  • Maegu Awakening unleashes a burst of flames and pierces through enemies with a series of fiery Fox Spirit attacks, debuffing all foes in a wide area by spreading her fans.
  • Maegu Awakening will offers a variety of movement skills to chase down enemies at remarkable speeds.

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