Black Rose Projects Reveals New Horror Survival Game Dark Moonlight

Black Rose Projects and developer Silent Bear Studio revealed their latest survival horror game on the way with Dark Moonlight. This one has a bit of a sci-fi twist to it as you're undergoing some kind of futuristic therapy within your own mind, but nothing is as it seems as you find yourself in a dark and horrifying place from which you can't escape… your own thoughts. The game has no window of release yet since this is just an announcement, but we're guessing maybe later this year around Halloween might be the best time if they're on track with the footage from the trailer.

What else is more terrifying than what's inside your mind? Courtesy of Black Rose Projects.
What else is more terrifying than what's inside your mind? Courtesy of Black Rose Projects.

Well, here you are, tired of the seemingly completely ineffective, vicious cycle of drugs-conventional therapy-drugs. Desperately looking for help, you've finally decided to undergo an experimental treatment, one that was supposed to be tested, effective, and 100% safe. At least, that's what the doctors said. And it all seemed to be going well… until it wasn't. Suddenly, you wake up in a strange place that somewhat resembles the reality you know but is twisted in terrifying, horrific ways. Now you have a choice. You can either try to face and overcome your fears by fighting whatever this hostile world throws at you, or withdraw into yourself, plunge into madness, and stay here forever.

Dark Moonlight is a survival horror game exploring the themes of human fears and phobias. Inspired by the Black Mirror TV series and games like OutlastResident Evil, and Silent Hill, the title will give gamers a chance to become Dave Kellerman, a man who decides to try an unconventional psychological treatment. Instead of releasing him from his phobias, the therapy forces him into an unknown world at the borders of reality and nightmare. To survive, David will have to put his fears and mental health aside. With limited means of defense, including weapons and ammo, and threatened by horrifying monsters and demons lurking in every corner, David will be challenged by clever puzzles his mind puts in front of him, trying to stop him from progressing. The question is – will he find the strength within himself to defeat the monsters, solve the puzzles, keep sane, and free himself from this horrific world?

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