'Bout Time … Deadpool Meets Gwenpool

By Ian Melton

The only current mobile video game that can use ALL the Marvel Universe characters (that means all mutants and X-Men related characters) Contest of Champions has given its players and the fans something the comics haven't given us yet but are waiting for, Deadpool meets Gwenpool.

The basic concept for the game calls back to the original Contest of Champions mini series with the Collector abducting and using characters from all over the Marvel Universe and many many different timelines (Frank Castle Sorcerer Supreme needs his own comic) to fight against each other for his amusement and to allow the Collector to best other villains,such as Thanos and Kang.

The current event has the Uncanny Avengers (members from all the different Unity Squads and even the All-New Wolverine and original Wolverine) trying to escape from the Collector using the new portal tech the Collector uses. However, the Collector's chief enforcer, Howard the Duck, in his own high tech suit, and other characters are trying to stop their escape. Enlisting the Summoner (the player of the game) to their cause, the only true hope the Unity Squad has to get out relies on Cable … and Gwenpool.

Check out the dialogue below as Deadpool meets Gwenpool…

deadpool-meets-gwenpool-1 deadpool-meets-gwenpool-2 deadpool-meets-gwenpool-3 deadpool-meets-gwenpool-4

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