Cards Against Humanity Team Erect Overwatch Themed Anti-Trump Billboard

hanzo-gameplayThe presidential debate right now is a very toxic thing, with serious and disheartening actions defining the political landscape. That is why it's great to see one team go out do something that is at least quite funny.

The Nuisance Committee, a Super-PAC created by the Cards Against Humanity team, have set up a rather humourous anti-Donald Trump billboard in Florida. It reads:

Donald Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in chat.

Twitter user NidtheDragon got a good snap at it. Take a look.

As a devoted Hanzo hater, this has really tickled me.

There is a whole website dedicated to Donald Trump, displaying his unfavourable quality in terms of Overwatch terms which is also put up by The Nuisance Committee. Take a look.

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