Codemaster Announces Crash-Happy Racing Game 'Onrush'

Codemasters has announced a new game in the form of over-the-top racing game Onrush.


Motorstorm certainly had its fans when it was active. The high-speed racer, which certainly didn't mind if you hit others you were racing with, filled a good niche and catered to a specific kind of racing game player. Today, things are different as the sim subgenre with franchises like Forza, Gran Turismo, and Project Cars sitting atop of the genre. Because of that, the arcade racer has seemingly faded away a little bit.

Well, while that franchise isn't being revived directly, it seems its developers are certainly keeping the spirit very much alive in their new game, Onrush. Codemasters (who picked up all of Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios in 2016) revealed the game recently as a rough and tumble racer with cars, bikes and a whole load of crashing. In a press release, the developer described the game as:

Onrush is a celebration of sensational speed, outright fun and over the top spectacle. Players battle it out on track to power up their Rush meter which enables them to unleash the ultimate manifestation of boost and power as they wreak havoc on their opponents by performing death defying takedowns and stunts.

You can check out the tone the game is going for in the announcement trailer here. Take a look:

Who doesn't love a silly, less realistic racing game? There aren't many good ones around these days, so seeing if Codemasters still have it should be very interesting. Here's hoping they can recapture the spirit.