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Alfa Romeo F1 Team 2023 C43 Will Be Added To F1 22
EA Sports and Codemasters announced this morning that the Alfa Romeo F1 Team 2023 C43 livery and car will be coming to F1 22 This is an in-game first for the team, and it is available for all players in Time Trial mode, as they have launched the content ahead of the Formula 1 Aramco pre-season[...]
GRID Legends Announces "Rise Of Ravenwest" Expansion Pack
Codemasters and Electronic Arts announced a new expansion pack being added to GRID Legends as players will experience Rise Of Ravenwest This is an entirely new story-based expansion that further develops the history of Ravenwest, the most infamous team in the GRID World Series, as we explore how they managed to build themselves up through[...]
GRID Legends Unveils New Endurance Racing Game Mode
EA Sports and Codemasters have revealed a brand new update for GRID Legends as they have added a new endurance racing mode Being called Enduring Spirit, this new pack is a story-based and cross-platform multiplayer DLC that will have you competing in a long-distance race format, with you behind the wheel a lot longer than[...]
F1 22 Will Receive New McLaren Livery & Updated Driver Ratings
EA Sports and Codemasters revealed that they will be including a brand new livery in the F1 22 selection as you'll be getting the McLaren look This is probably one of the most recognizable appearances in all of F1, primarily from the color scheme as you'll see it zip down the track This particular design[...]
EA Sports Announces F1 22 Will Launch This July
Electronic Arts and Codemasters released a brand new trailer for F1 22 today as we got a better look at the game's features This time around the trailer is giving you a better look at some of the improvements they've made to the franchise, as they have incorporated a series of gameplay improvements and innovations[...]
EA Sports Announces F1 22 Will Launch This July
EA Sports along with developer Codemasters will be launched a new racing title as F1 22 will be coming to PC and consoles this July According to the team, this is a top-to-bottom revitalization of the franchise and will completely change the way you race compared to previous entries in the series You will be[...]
GRID Legends Confirmed For February 2022 Release
Codemasters and Electronic Arts have released one final trailer for GRID Legends before the game comes out later this month The trailer shows off all of the highlights the game has to offer, such as the all-new race creator mode and the extensive story mode You'll also see some old favorites from the series as[...]
GRID Legends Confirmed For February 2022 Release
Codemasters and Electronic Arts confirmed today that they will be releasing GRID Legends on February 22nd, 2022 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation The game is set to have an appeal for drivers of all levels, as you will be able to immediately jump behind the wheel of over 100 vehicles when the game launches, giving[...]
F1 2021 Drops A Launch Trailer Ahead Of Release
Electronic Arts and Codemasters revealed today that F1 2021 will be getting a new series of updates and content over the next few months The updates are primarily designed to bring in a ton of new features to the game as the season of the real-life Formula 1 progresses so that ultimately you feel like[...]
F1 2021 Drops A Launch Trailer Ahead Of Release
Codemasters and Electronic Arts have released a brand new launch trailer for F1 2021 as the game is set to be released next week The look and feel of this game makes everything about the world of F1 racing pop, as the trailer takes you from the garage to the pit to the track and[...]
Electronic Arts Will Release F1 2021 This Coming July
Electronic Arts and Codemasters have revealed today that F1 2021 will officially be coming out this July According to the news this morning, the game is basically going to be on every platform with the exception of the Switch, including next-gen consoles, on July 16th, 2021 The game will also be bringing in several new[...]
NetEase Games & Codemasters Officially Announce Racing Master
NetEase Games and Codemasters have a new mobile racing title on the way as both companies announced Racing Master today This particular game is a real-time simulation racing game that was created through a combination of Unreal 4 Engine and Codemasters' proprietary EGO technology The companies are boasting that with this combo, players will experience[...]
Evercade Announces Codemasters Collection 1 Coming In 2021
Evercade announced a new collection coming to their retro console next year as they're releasing Codemasters Collection 1 The latest in advanced announcements for retro collections coming to the portable console, this is a mix of their classic platformers and sports titles they were known for back in the '90s The majority of them being[...]
Dirt 5 Gets A New Xbox Series X Gameplay Trailer
Deep Silver and Codemasters revealed a new gameplay trailer today for Dirt 5 as seen on the Xbox Series X The game has been teased for the past few months since it was revealed over the summer, as they've been showing off different cars and tracks and modes prior to the game coming out Now[...]
Codemasters Has Pushed Dirt 5's Release Date To November
Codemasters revealed this morning that they have delayed Dirt 5 again and have pushed the release date back into November 2020 The word came down on Twitter, as you can read the full message below, as they have now pushed the game's release date back to November 6th It looked like the game was on[...]
GRID Autosport will Launch on Switch this Summer
Codemasters' GRID Autosport will be getting a port to the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer An Android release for the game is also on the way, and might release concurrently with the Switch edition of the game The Switch version will be published by Feral Interactive, who are best known for making mac and Linux ports[...]
Codemasters Confirms F1 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC
Codemasters and publisher Koch Media have announced F1 2018, the official video game of the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship, will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Friday August 24th, 2018 just in time for the Formula 1 2018 Belgian Grand Prix begins on the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit. While details on the game are[...]
Codemasters has announced a new game in the form of over-the-top racing game Onrush. Motorstorm certainly had its fans when it was active The high-speed racer, which certainly didn't mind if you hit others you were racing with, filled a good niche and catered to a specific kind of racing game player Today, things are different as[...]
GRID Autosport Is Now Available On The App Store For iOS Users
Ignite your high-speed career as a pro-racer in Codemasters' AAA hit, now unleashed on iPad and iPhone Because you absolutely want to play Grid Autosport on your iPhone Don't lie to us Feral Interactive are the ones who have ported the title over, so it's been completely optimized for iOS devices. GRID Autosport is available from the App[...]
DiRT Rally Is Coming To macOS Sometime This Year
Developed and published by Codemasters for Windows and consoles, DiRT Rally has been praised for its realistic handling and pure focus on rally driving. DiRT Rally will support Metal 2, Apple's latest graphics API Feral Interactive are pretty well known for doing macOS and Linux ports of PC and console titles They mostly work with Square Enix, 2K Games, Sega, Warner Bros[...]
F1 2017 Is Now Available On Macs Thanks To Feral Interactive
Feral Interactive does quite a few Mac OS ports for games, because they are glorious angels, and finally Koch Media and Codemasters F1 2017 is available on the Mac App Store. F1 2017  has been out since August 25th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The basic plot of F1, well: Win the 2017 World Championship, break every record in[...]
F1 2017 Will Include Fernando Alonso's 2006 Renault
Codemasters and Deep Silver have today released a brand-new trailer showcasing the classic 2006 Renault R26, which powered Fernando Alonso to the 2006 World Drivers' Championship Further classic cars will be unveiled in the coming weeks, for a total of twelve classic F1 vehicles. 2006 Renault R26 – Driven by Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella, the[...]
Dirt 4 Broke Out The Subaru WRX In The Latest Trailer
Codemasters today released the latest trailer for DiRT 4 which showcases the game's incredible rallycross content across various classes and circuits But most importantly, this trailer shows off the beauty that is the Subaru WRX It may look exactly like an Impreza – and indeed it is built on the same platform as the regular sedan – but[...]
DiRT 4 Challenges Us To Be Fearless In This New Trailer But Do We Really Want To?
  Codemasters released a new DiRT 4 trailer/dev diary where professional rally and rallycross drivers Kris Meeke, double world champion Petter Solberg, and even the Hansen brothers talk about how they compete against fear as they push to go faster and finish on the top step of the podium Because that's the kind of thing that sells you[...]
Dirt 4 Revealed In Announcement Trailer And It Is Coming Soon
Codemasters revealed today that in June this year, the next mainline installment in the series is on the way It seems danger and thrills are on the way too From a description in the new announcement trailer it was said: Motorsport by its very nature is dangerous – it says so on the back of the[...]
Driveclub Studio Has Been Saved From Closure After Codemasters Picks Them Up
The racing dev was facing a rather uncertain future to put it lightly. Well,  publisher Codemasters have come to the rescue picking up the studio While Codemasters hasn't acquired the old IP made by the dev from Sony, they will own anything going forward from the dev. Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnie has told We want the team to[...]
KOCH Media And Codemasters Sign Global Distribution And Co-Publishing Deal
KOCH Media has sent word to Bleeding Cool that they've signed a deal with Codemasters to co-publish and distribute games together. Dr Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of KOCH, said: We are very excited to re-start a wide-reaching business partnership with Codemasters Codemasters will complement our roster of AAA games from Deep Silver, Square Enix, Sega and many other[...]