Could Chappie End up in Apex Legends? Maybe

Could Chappie End up in Apex Legends? Maybe

Director Neill Blomkamp has just started his foray into the video games sphere with a short film based on BioWare's Anthem, but he's already setting his sights higher. Apparently the success of Apex Legends has fans asking Blomkamp if he'd be willing to see the title character from his robotic sci-fi romp Chappie end up in the game.

His answer?

The weirder bit comes from Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella, who is also apparently down for a Chappie crossover.

I get the draw, really. Multi-franchise crossovers are big now, especially in gaming. CD Projekt Red's The Witcher has partnered with Monster Hunter: WorldMonster Hunter has partnered with Final Fantasy XIVFFXIV has partnered with Final Fantasy XV, and Puzzles & Dragons is in a constant slate of collaborations with various other entertainment properties, including the Justice League. These collaborations tend to go well for all properties involved financially, and garners a lot of positive feedback from players.

But eventually enough is enough. And considering the fact that no one, critics or consumers, particularly liked Chappie

This one might not be a great idea.

For those who rightfully skipped Chappie, it was a 2015 dystopian sci-fi flick about a police robot named Chappie. Chappie was stolen by the anti-police resistance and given new programming that makes him the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. So, it falls into a ton of the usual robot sci-fi cliches, and its puerile tone just made it rather off putting to sit through.

Those in favor of the crossover are likely looking to fill the almost Bastion shaped void in Apex Legends' roster with a similar battle-bot. So they landed on Chappie for reasons that escape me.

Luckily for me (and anyone with taste), the Chappie and Apex Legends collaboration is just theoretical for now.

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