Creative Assembly is Working on a Tactical Shooter Next

A job listing has suggested that Creative Assembly is working on a new IP, which looks to be a new tactical shooter.

Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly is most known for being the creators of the Total War games. Their stature in real-time strategy genre is more or less unmatched, with the franchise spanning so many offshoots from Rome, Medieval and of course Warhammer. They are certainly prolific in the space but have shown they can diversify too. They were also the developer of the well regarded horror shooter Alien Isolation.

Well, it seems Creative Assembly are looking to return to shooting too. As spotted by VG247, a job listing for a Lead Environmental Artist says that the team that did Alien: Isolation are looking to make a tactical shooter next. However, if you were hoping for a sequel to that game, you might be disappointed. This is for a brand-new IP. Bar that, there isn't a lot revealed about the game, so for that, we will just have to wait and see.

While it is a shame that this doesn't look to be a new Alien game, their work was so good that I think they get the benefit of the doubt on anything they want to make next. The developer puts a great deal of quality into all their output more or less, so seeing them go out on their own and give us a new IP is certainly exciting. I do wonder if it will have a similar tone to Isolation and if it will give us something a little spooky or something completely different.

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