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DayZ Update 1.21 Adds Some Medieval Mayhem To The Game

Bohemia Interactive has a new update out for DayZ as you now have access to the long awaited and deadly crossbow for a weapon.

Bohemia Interactive has released a new update for DayZ this past week, as Update 1.21 has added a weapon many have been longing for. The major addition to the game comes in the form of the crossbow, serving as the game's first-ever spring-powered weapon. This lethal ranged weapon will give you a special edge in fights as you have the ability to shoot deadly bolts from afar, with the help of various sights and scopes you can attach to it. A slight give and take to it is that bolts are recoverable, however, their durability dies over time, but you can craft new ones as well. We got more info on the latest update for you below.

DayZ Update 1.21 Adds Some Medieval Mayhem To The Game
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

"In addition to the crossbow, a myriad of replicated medieval items and clothing have been scattered throughout Chernarus and Livonia, thus unveiling a richness of possibilities. Survivors will discover an assortment of armor, including chainmail tops, leggings, coifs, and Norse helms. Equip yourself like a valiant knight ready to lay siege to enemy fortresses and don't forget to keep an eye out for the elusive sword and mace. But that's not all! Update 1.21 also introduces the winning flags and armbands from last year's exhilarating Lights Out event. Players can celebrate the triumphs of their fellow survivors as they stumble upon these victorious symbols while exploring Livonia's unforgiving terrain."

"One of the highlights of this update is the implementation of a server log-in delay for console players which occurs while switching between multiple accounts. Developers are introducing this delay with the aim of creating a healthier gaming environment by discouraging the use of multiple accounts on a single server during a game. This change ensures fairer gameplay and fosters a more balanced experience for all survivors. Another highlight involves fall damage, which has been recalibrated and provides more readable and predictable outcomes. Survivors can now navigate their surroundings with greater confidence and strategic awareness."

"DayZ creators understand the importance of a player's user experience (UX), which is why they have introduced the option to adjust the brightness of the in-game UI. Now survivors have the power to adjust their visual experience and tailor it to their preferences. Additionally, we have fine-tuned the lighting of the inventory camera, making the inventory management process more visually appealing and intuitive. In yet another exciting development, survivors are provided with the ability to spawn bushes, trees, and rocks through the server-side object spawner and script. This opens up new creative possibilities and allows players to shape their environment to suit their strategic needs and preferences. Dev team looks forward to witnessing the unique landscapes and fortifications players create using this innovative feature."

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