DC Universe Online Releases Episode 41: House Of Legends

Dimensional Ink Games has released the latest episode to DC Universe Online as players can now jump into Episode 41; House Of Legends. The update brings in a few new changes and a slightly different storyline, along with some additions to the Watchtower and fun stuff to do. We have the rundown and the latest trailer showing some of it off below.

New changes are afoot in DC Universe Online, courtesy of Dimensional Ink Games.
New changes are afoot in DC Universe Online, courtesy of Dimensional Ink Games.

In House of Legends, Super Heroes and Super-Villains must answer The Monitor's call to gather together in his House of Legends to prepare for an imminent threat to the multiverse. While the looming threat is unclear, The Monitor's directions are not: train day and night, find new allies and lift each other up. Everyone will be needed when the time comes.

The House of Legends

  • A new shared hero and villain social hub, streamlined with everything a player could possibly need to prepare for battle.

Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards

  • A new system for daily login rewards, quick to use with tremendous value.
  • Non-members can expect rewards valued around $20 for logging in at least 20 times a month.
  • Members can expect an additional 3x the non-member rewards valued around $60 ($80 in total) for logging in at least 20 times a month.

New System: Allies

  • Improve your potential by recruiting new Allies to help you in and out of battle.
  • Allies include Cyborg, The Flash, Professor Zoom, Flashpoint Batman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and Flashpoint Aquaman

Save the Universe, Quick Play, Omnibus

  • Return to up-leveled fan-favorite content beginning with Superman classics, queue and find groups faster, and play most of the game for full rewards, without loot locks, regardless of your character's Combat Rating.

New Rewards

  • Collect new gear, feats, and styles inspired by The Monitor and Tempus Fuginaut.

And More

  • Arriving with the launch of House of Legends are new membership benefits, more non-member benefits, and permanently free episodes – every single one.

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