'Dead By Daylight' Adds New Content For The Survivors With "The Headcase"

Dead By Daylight may have been passed over in popularity the past few weeks for Friday The 13th, but that doesn't mean they're just going to lay down and wait to be murdered by it. Today, Starbreeze together with Behaviour Digital released a new add-on called "The Headcase" which essentially adds new accessories and hairstyles to the survivors as they try to escape one of the horrifying monsters that have gone off on a killing spree.


While it is a nice addition, do keep in mind that these are superficial additions and do not have any affect on the characters you play in Dead By Daylight. Kinda cool but kinda disappointing as well, considering the game now has major competition from another indie title with an established property behind it. So you'd think they'd be making greater efforts to make the game better beyond cosmetic additions. But hey, maybe this is the first of several changes on the way. Below is a list of what you can get from the new pack.

  • The "Night Out Nea" and the "Melonade" for Nea
  • The "White Panama" and the "Tomstache" for Ace
  • The "Myopian Frohawk" and the "Colorful Headscarf" for Claudette
  • The "Millennial Dwight" and the "Preppy Flatcap" for Dwight
  • The "Modern Explorer Beanie" and the "Jakebun" for Jake
  • The "Tier III Braids" and the "Jogging Headband" for Meg

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