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Myst Developers Announce Definitive VR Version Coming August 26th
Behaviour Interactive revealed today that the next major killer coming to Dead By Daylight will be none other than the Hellraiser himself, Pinhead The character has been heavily requested (along with a few other famous horror villains) to be added into the chaos, and now those who love the character will be getting their wish,[...]
Dead By Daylight Is Receiving New Stranger Things Content
Behaviour Interactive and Netflix have come together again to put more Stranger Things content into their horror game Dead By Daylight The developers are releasing what they are calling The Moment Of Truth Collection, in which you will get two new survivor characters in this special chapter designed around the TV series Through a brand-new Legendary[...]
Dead By Daylight Reveals Resident Evil Chapter Details
Today during their 5th Anniversary stream, Behaviour Interactive revealed the Resident Evil Chapter coming to Dead By Daylight The new chapter is bringing with it some changes to the gameplay as well that will be keeping people on their toes First off, Leon and Jill will be the next two survivors added to the game,[...]
Dead By Daylight Launches Their Latest Tome Called "Forsaken"
Behaviour Interactive has unleashed the latest Tome VII into Dead By Daylight as players will be exploring four "Forsaken" characters Players will be exploring a piece of crossover content with this Tome as William "Bill" Overbeck from Left 4 Dead will be given a bit more backstory, as well as more in-depth knowledge and content for Kate Denson, The Plague, The[...]
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Behaviour Interactive and Crypt TV have come together to add three now killer outfits to Dead By Daylight inspired by the company All three of these look absolutely terrifying as they have given The Hag, The Huntress, and The Doctor truly gruesome and horrifying looks, all of which take from three different characters from CTV[...]
Dead by Daylight The Wraith Stalks With New Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya is back with another killer for the hit multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight We have already seen two gruesome killers arrive with The Trapper and The Hillbilly, and now we are getting The Wraith Capturing the likeness perfectly from the Dead by Daylight game, Kotobukiya has The Wraith standing on an Autohaven Wreckers-themed[...]
Resident Evil Will Be Making Its Way Into Dead By Daylight
Resident Evil fans will get to see the characters jump into a new game as they're headed to Dead By Daylight The brand new partnership was announced this afternoon as part of Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase livestream, as the company has collaborated with Behaviour Interactive to bring characters from their universe into the 4-v-1 asymmetrical multiplayer[...]
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Behaviour Interactive and NetEase Games are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Dead By Daylight Mobile today! The team is celebrating a few things involved with the game as it has surpassed 17 million downloads, and expanded the game's audience for people who love to survive or slash on the go As part of the anniversary,[...]
Dead By Daylight Fully Releases The All-Kill Chapter
Behaviour Interactive has finally released the last chapter to come to Dead By Daylight as things go K-Pop with Kill-All For those not into the genre, the name of this chapter is a reference to when a group's song or album simultaneously takes the top spot of all eight Korean music charts Which happens more[...]
Freddy Krueger Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile
NetEase Games and Behaviour Interactive have added a new chapter to Dead By Daylight Mobile as Freddy Krueger drops into the game The team has slowly been adding in content that's already in the main game as to ease players into the content who have only played it on mobile The Elm Street chapter brings[...]
Dead By Daylight Receives Its Latest Tome In New Update
Behaviour Interactive has launched a new update into Dead By Daylight with a new Tome and another graphical upgrade This update comes with a slew of additions as you get the new Tome VI: Divergence, you get a new Lunar New Year event to pick up a special Ox item and Gilded Stampede Collection costumes,[...]
Dead By Daylight Adds New Outfits From Stranger Things
Behaviour Interactive revealed today that Dead By Daylight will be getting more outfits from the Netflix show Stranger Things When the characters first dropped into the game after Season 3, fans were ecstatic to see that they would hunt down survivors as the Demogorgon But since that time, they haven't done a lot with them[...]
Dead by Daylight the Wraith Statue Is Teased by Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya has teased that another statue from the hit survival game Dead by Daylight is on the way We have already seen two killers get the statue treatment, and now we get a simple prototype to look at The Wraith The Wraith, also known as Philip Ojomo, is one of 22 Killers currently playable within[...]
Dead by Daylight The Hillbilly is On The Hunt With Kotobukiya
Another horror that bumps in the night rises as Kotobukiya announces the new statue based on the hit game Dead by Daylight This time, The Hillbilly arrives with his own 1/7 scale statue in the horror Bishoujo series This original monster design comes to life right off of the Dead by Daylight screen and onto[...]
Dead By Daylight Launches "A Binding Of Kin" Update
Behaviour Interactive released a new update into Dead By Daylight today with new additions and a graphical upgrade The new killer(s) are The Twins, with one brooding big person and a smaller one that flies out at you, while the survivor is Élodie who is basically a loot goblin in the game The update also[...]