Dead By Daylight Will Add A New Horror License On Its Anniversary

Behaviour Interactive revealed that for their upcoming fourth anniversary for Dead By Daylight, a new horror IP is being added. The developers have a lot to celebrate about the game as they have kept it going for this long with new additions and features, as well as the addition of compelling stories for the characters. Now the company is on the verge of its next anniversary, and with it comes the addition of another horror franchise to the mix. Chapter 16 will be revealed on Twitch and Youtube on May 26th at 2pm EST, showing off the new addition to the game. Here's a quote from the studio on the event.

What new terror will Dead By Daylight's 4th Anniversary bring?
What new terror will Dead By Daylight's 4th Anniversary bring?

"We are quite excited to celebrate another amazing year in the history of Dead by Daylight," states Mathieu Côté, Game Director on Dead by Daylight and Product Evangelist for Behaviour Interactive. "The game is always changing, always improving. We've brought you a lot of really cool stuff this year and next year will be even more intense. This last chapter is a very emotional milestone for us and we cannot wait to share it with you. Come join us as we celebrate year four of Dead by Daylight!"

So what franchise could it possibly be? There's a lot out there to choose from that range from cultish to iconic. Pinhead has been a highly-requested name to come to the game, as well as Pumpkinhead and Pennywise, and the most obvious choice being Jason Voorhees. But Jason is probably out of the running due to the lawsuits and the franchise already having a DBD-like game. A dark horse candidate that might actually make sense that many haven't thought about could be Candyman as a tie-in to the upcoming film. Even with it being delayed, he could still be added to the game and have it make sense. We really won't know for a couple of weeks, but if we had to place bets, Candyman is a pretty good guess for now.

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