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Behaviour Interactive Drops New Game Announcements & Updates
Behaviour Interactive held its first official gaming showcase today, revealing new games and updates to others on the way The big reveals were that we're getting three new titles from the company, the first being a survival raiding game called Meet Your Maker, the second being a new Jurassic World title called Jurassic World Primal[...]
Dead By Daylight Launches Massive Game-Changing Update
Behaviour Interactive has released a major update for Dead By Daylight that adds in some game-changing aspects moving forward The team had apparently planned this update out for a while as it came from several months of research, all aimed at making the game as fair and balanced as possible for both killers and survivors[...]
Attack On Titan Arrives In Dead By Daylight Today
Behaviour Interactive has officially launched their latest crossover in Dead By Daylight as Attack On Titan invades the game From now until July 26th, you can jump into matches and see the influence of the manga and anime take over aspects across the board, as well as have a chance to snag a ton of[...]
Dead By Daylight Reveals Multiple New Additions For Sixth Anniversary
Behaviour Interactive released some new details to their upcoming parody dating title Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim The team at Psyop has officially put the game up on Steam to be wishlisted, even though it doesn't have an official release date yet They also have released more info on all four[...]
Dead By Daylight Reveals Multiple New Additions For Sixth Anniversary
Behaviour Interactive has launched their latest chapter into Dead By Daylight as players can experience Roots Of Dread on the main server The new chapter brings about a brand new killer known as The Dredge, which acts as a sort of boogeyman for this game, who haunts the map Garden Of Joy which looks like[...]
Jurassic World Primal Ops Announced For Mobile Devices
Behaviour Interactive revealed this week they're coming out with a new Jurassic World mobile title this year called Jurassic World Primal Ops Working with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, the game will be set in the timeframe of Jurassic World Dominion, where you'll be playing a ranger tasked with saving dinosaurs while also trying not[...]
Dead By Daylight Reveals Multiple New Additions For Sixth Anniversary
Behaviour Interactive had a lot to talk about today during their special Sixth Anniversary livestream for Dead By Daylight The team had a massive presentation in which they basically laid out all of the plans for the next chapter, new additions, quality of live improvements, and more Chapter 24 is ready to go as it[...]
Dead By Daylight Reveals The Game's First LGBTQIA2+ Character
Behaviour Interactive revealed a brand new character coming to Dead By Daylight as it will be its first LGBTQIA2+ character Starting on April 28th, the team will launch their latest Archives event with Tome II: Devotion According to the info released by the team, this Tome will explore the more memories of The Twins, as[...]
The Sadako Killer Climbs Her Way Into Dead By Daylight
Behaviour Interactive has officially released the latest major update into Dead By Daylight as Sadako climbs into the game. Credit: Behaviour Interactive Better known to western audiences as Ringu, or the girl from The Ring, the killer has been freaking people out on Twitch in the test servers for the past few weeks, as you can see[...]
Dead By Daylight To Receive Board Game Version This Halloween
Behaviour Interactive and Level 99 Games have come together to reveal they're making a board game based on Dead By Daylight The game is designed to bring all o the horror and thrilling fun of the video game to tabletop players, as one player will be the killer and the rest will be survivors on[...]
Dead By Daylight
Behaviour Interactive has officially revealed the next major killer coming to Dead By Daylight as Sadako will arrive this March Better known to western audiences as The Ring Girl, she will be known in the game as The Onryō, where she joins the roster of terrifying villains that you can play to hunt down survivors[...]
Jigsaw Teases Dead by Daylight’s Archives Tome 10: Saw
Behaviour Interactive has brought back Jigsaw from the Saw film series to introduce Dead By Daylight's latest Archives Tome on the way The primary focus of this tome will ve on the memories of Amanda Young, better known in the game and the franchise as The Pig The game will also open up the backstory[...]
Japanese Horror Icon Ringu Is Headed To Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive revealed a brand new killer is on the way to Dead By Daylight as in infamous horror icon Ringu is coming in March 2022 The company has teamed up with Japanese entertainment editor and publisher Kadokawa to integrate its cult franchise into its horror game to give players brand new chills If you've[...]
Dead By Daylight
Behaviour Interactive has launched their latest chapter for Dead By Daylight as the game also launches everything onto the Epic Games Store The latest DLC chapter is called Portrait Of A Murder and brings with it a new Killer in Carmina Mora, a new Survivor with Jonah Vasquez (wh is a brilliant Mexican American CIA codebreaker),[...]
Dead By Daylight Arrives On Epic Games Store With New Chapter Reveal
Behaviour Interactive has officially brought Dead By Daylight to the Epic Games Store, and with it, the reveal of a new original chapter This brand new chapter is called Portrait of a Murder and it brings with it everything you would expect for an original addition as we're getting a brand new killer, a new[...]