Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive and released on PC on June 14, 2016. The game later released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on June 20, 2017.

DBD is scheduled to release on the Nintendo Switch system in Fall 2019 though a release date has not been set.

The game is played exclusively in a one versus 4 online multiplayer format where one player takes on the role of the killer, while the other players take on the role of Survivors who try to escape the killer and avoid being caught and sacrificed.

Dead by Daylight includes many original characters as well as licensed killers and survivors from the Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, and Evil Dead franchises.

Dead By Daylight's Next Killer Is Pyramidhead From Silent Hill

Dead By Daylight's Next Killer Is Pyramid Head From Silent Hill

Behaviour Interactive released info on the next Dead By Daylight update, as they've partnered with Konami for a Silent Hill chapter. There are three big additions that will make fans freak out when it comes to content for the game. First and foremost, the killer is Pyramid Head, who has become the de facto icon […]

Dead By Daylight 4th Anniversary

Dead By Daylight Will Add A New Horror License On Its Anniversary

Behaviour Interactive revealed that for their upcoming fourth anniversary for Dead By Daylight, a new horror IP is being added. The developers have a lot to celebrate about the game as they have kept it going for this long with new additions and features, as well as the addition of compelling stories for the characters. […]

Dead By Daylight Tome 3 Escelation

Dead By Daylight Launches Tome III: Escalation Into The Archives

Behaviour Interactive has launched Tome III into Dead By Daylight as The Archives enter a new phase of Escalation. Along with a new set of challenges for both killers and survivors which we're sure will drive everyone insane trying to achieve without breaking a keyboard or controller, a few new stories have been unlocked for […]

"Dead By Daylight Mobile" Will Launch In Spring 2020

"Dead By Daylight Mobile" Racks Up 500K Pre-Registered Players

Behaviour Interactive had some good news to share this week about Dead By Daylight Mobile, as the game has racked up 500k pre-registered players. The game is set to launch on April 16th, but before that, the developers threw down the gauntlet on pre-registration. If they get enough players at certain goals, they will unlock […]

The "Dead By Daylight" "Chains Of Hate" Update Launches Today

The "Dead By Daylight" "Chains Of Hate" Update Launches Today

This morning, the Chains Of Hate update for Dead By Daylight officially launched into the game, bringing a new killer, a new survivor, and a new location. First up, the locations you'll be fighting in is the town of Glenvale. An early western outpost that saw a brutal gang war where most everyone was killed […]

"Dead By Daylight" Receives A New Reckoning Update

"Dead By Daylight" Receives A New Reckoning Update

Behaviour Interactive introduced a brand new update to Dead By Daylight this week, as a Reckoning comes to the Archives/Tome II for several characters. The update brings in a new look for a couple of levels as they have reworked the designs to be more player-friendly for both survivors and killers. New challenges await you […]

"Dead By Daylight" Shows Off New Killer With The Oni

"Dead By Daylight" Shows Off New Killer With The Oni

Well, that looks terrifying! Behaviour Interactive dropped a new killer trailer for Dead By Daylight this morning, showing off The Oni. The trailer below shows off only an introduction to the character, as well as a new survivor. The survivor on the boke is named Kimura Yui, and looks like someone you would see racing […]

Dead by Daylight | The Archives Trailer

"Dead By Daylight" Announces The Archives Are Coming

Behaviour Interactive is about to add some lore to Dead By Daylight, as the company announced a new addition on the way with The Archives. The addition is meant to add an entirely new experience to the game for all players, whether you enjoy killer or survivor roles. The shorthand to this is that you […]

"Stranger Things" Is Officially Coming To "Dead By Daylight"

"Stranger Things" Content Will Be Added To "Dead By Daylight" Next Week

Those of you wondering when Behaviour Interactive will finally add the Stranger Things content to Dead By Daylight, wonder no more! For the past few weeks, the content has been sitting in the test servers as people have been able to play in the Hawkins National Laboratory: The Underground Complex. The devs have been testing […]

"Stranger Things" Is Officially Coming To "Dead By Daylight"

"Stranger Things" Is Officially Coming To "Dead By Daylight"

Warm up your Eggos and grab your dice, as Behaviour Interactive and Netflix both officially announced Stranger Things is coming to Dead By Daylight. The latest chapter will take you to the underground lab in Hawkins as you will run around fixing generators as either Nancy Wheeler orSteve Harrington in the survivor roles. Meanwhile, fans […]

Behaviour Interactive Announces "Dead By Daylight" For Mobile

Behaviour Interactive Announces "Dead By Daylight" For Mobile

This morning, Behaviour Interactive officially announced that they would be launching Dead By Daylight Mobile sometime later this year. The company made the announcement pretty brief buy laid out the details players wanted to know along with a trailer showing it in action. You can check out a couple of the FAQ questions here along […]