Dead Cells Gets A Major Update For The End Of 2020

Motion Twin surprised fans by adding a brand new update into Dead Cells to close out 2020, but only on PC for now with consoles in January. This patch has everything you could want to make things interesting, including a color scaling rework, a malaise rework, a new set of mutations, a new mob to deal with, a new weapon, new outfits, and a new diet. You're also getting a backpack rework, a new Hand of the King lore room, and a slew of bug fixes and other improvements to the quality of life. We have some of the major additions to the game for you to read below, and you can read the full lengthy patch notes here.

This latest update is one of the biggest Dead Cells has seen all year. Courtesy of Motion Twin.
This latest update is one of the biggest Dead Cells has seen all year. Courtesy of Motion Twin.
New Weapon
The most requested weapon from the community is now in the game! The Katana allows you to chain a standard slash with a dashing charge attack by holding the button, for the full experience wear the Ninja outfit at the same time.
New Mob
This is the first mob in the game inspired by a Discord community suggestion (many thanks to Leylite#4491)! Using the Explosive Crossbow, the Demolisher will blast you from a safe distance (oh how the tables have turned). It can be found ignoring all health & safety rules and blowing shit up in the Distillery at BC0 and in several places later on, mostly as an alternative upgrade to the Knife Thrower.
New Outfits
You might have guessed from the key art, but there are some jolly new outfits introduced in this update, including 2 Christmas-themed ones. Enjoy!
Hand of the King lore room
The mystery man becomes [i]slightly[/i] less mysterious with a new lore room hidden somewhere in the castle…
Cheese Diet
No self-respecting French studio can pass up the opportunity to let you eat cheese, so we're giving you the option to heal yourself with a nice smelly slice of Camembert!

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