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Dead Cells Receives The New Barrels O Fun Update

Dead Cells Receives The New Barrels O' Fun Update

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have loaded up a brand new update to Dead Cells this week with Barrels O' Fun. As if you didn't have enough challenges ahead of you in previous levels, now you get to deal with everyone's favorite obstacle in gaming: exploding barrels. Why do they explode? Who makes these things? […]

Dead Cells Is Getting More Content For Prisoners Edition

Dead Cells Is Getting More Content For Prisoner's Edition

Motion Twin and Signature Edition Games have revealed the full details to the Prisoner's Edition coming out for Dead Cells. The company has revealed more details about both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, which you can currently pre-order. Now each version of the game will not come with a code for the Bad Seed […]

Motion Twin Announces Dead Cells: Prisoners Edition

Motion Twin Announces "Dead Cells: Prisoner's Edition"

Motion Twin revealed that they have a special edition of Dead Cells coming out as players can soon purchase the Prisoner's Edition. The new edition will be released on June 30th, 2020 with pre-orders available now through Signature Edition Games for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, going for about $110 apiece. The entire set comes with […]