Deathloop Receives New Update Including Robust Photo Mode

Bethesda Game Studios has released the third update for Deathloop this week, which came with a few new fun additions including a photo mode. All you have to do to access the photo menu is to pause the game on any map and access the shortcut available, and from there you'll see camera options that will give you a chance to select different options of viewpoints as well as filters to make whatever you're shooting like extra amazing. The game also receives a number of bug fixes and improvements, as well as a long line of accessibility improvements for you to check out. You can read some of the improvements below and read the full patch notes here, as we also have a trailer down below showing off more of the photo mode.

Deathloop Receives New Update Including Robust Photo Mode
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios
Deathloop Menu navigation improvements
  • Menu navigation has been improved with support for keyboard and directional buttons. This is in addition to the previous support for mouse and controller analogue stick navigation. This improvement should make it easier to navigate the menus, particularly for players using a controller.
First launch accessibility improvements
  • Players can now change the subtitle color when first launching a new game with a new save
  • This first launch menu also now includes a preview of the subtitle formatting. This preview will show the impacts of the size, color and opacity choices on the subtitle display.
Accessibility menu category
  • A new dedicated Accessibility category can be found in the options menu, including both existing options and new options available with this patch. The accessibility menu includes four categories: Visuals, Gameplay, Interface and Menus.
  • All settings in the Accessibility category are duplicated in other menus. For example, the HUD accessibility options are also available in the Interface category. We hope this allows Deathloop players to easily find relevant options.

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