Derelict Void Receives A New Trailer Ahead Of Release

Stirling Games has released one more trailer for Derelict Void before the game officially launches on March 18th. The trailer shows off a bit of an overview of the game as you are a crew stranded in a void among ships that have ceased functioning for one reason or another. It's up to you and the crew to salvage what you can, upgrade your own ship, and hope to find a way out of the void before your ship joins the rest. For sci-fi fans, this is a cool strategy sim where everything you do will matter in the short term and in the long game of getting out. Enjoy the trailer!

Will you find everything you need to escape the void? Courtesy of Stirling Games.
Will you find everything you need to escape the void? Courtesy of Stirling Games.

It must have been an accident. An entire star system's worth of ships have abruptly been torn away from the universe they knew. It's up to you to salvage the remnants of civilization. Damaged and disoriented, can you and your crew scrape together enough of civilization to survive? Navigate through stranded ships and treacherous debris to discover the secrets of the void. How did this happen? What else might lurk in this debris field from your civilization? And might there be a way back? Take risks and make the right choices to survive. Help others stranded in the void, or leave them behind to save yourselves. Make stops to scavenge for supplies, or dump the resources you have to gain speed. Choose wisely, or fall victim to the void.

Managing resources is critical to your ship's survival. Salvage supplies to expand your ship, feed your crew, and build up your life support systems. You'll have to balance it all to keep the ship going for another day. Create your own stories in the world of Derelict Void, and share your package with friends through our content delivery servers. Derelict Void comes with an open content creation tool in the form of a website, where everyone can contribute to the story and world of the game – just add your story, and anyone could play your own take of the void.

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