Devil May Cry's Dante is Coming to Monster Hunter: World

Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter: World are crossing over in new content that will bring Dante and his weapons to New World.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World has been ticking along nicely since it was released. The game became the best selling Capcom title of all time in a relatively short amount of time, successfully breaking the West, a territory the franchise had always struggled with. The fact people are still playing with it months after release is a testament to just how deep and full of content that whole package is. It's set to get DLC some time soon too, expanding the experience with new monsters and weapons.

The game just got a new content announcement too, although this one is a little different. After Horizon: Zero Dawn's invasion of the game, it seems Capcom is now cross-pollinating its own franchises. Devil May Cry's Dante is set to join the game soon, alongside two of his swords Force Edge and Alastor. You'll have to earn these items in game when they go live, but right now it's not clear when that is, as the content doesn't have a release date. You can see the trailer for Dante's DLC here:

The Devil May Cry series has been making more and more noise recently after years of relative silence. Today, the Devil May Cry HD Collection launches bringing the old games to current gen consoles, and now this. It does lead one to wonder if it is because the franchise might be about to land a new game as has been rumoured. For that information, we will have to wait sadly, but carving up an Great Jagras with Dante should be a nice hold over while we wait.