Diablo IV Receives One Last Quarterly Update For 2020

As we fall down the hill that is 2020, Blizzard Entertainment released one last quarterly update for Diablo IV. The blog goes over a few things including Itemization, the Skill tree, your Primary Stats, the type of Weapons that will be in the game, the quality of Items, and a number of other topics as they go more in-depth this time around than before. All of which is presented to you by Lead Game Designer Joe Shely. You can read a snippet of the blog here and check out the full entry at the link above.

Diablo IV still does not have a release window as of the end of 2020. Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.
Diablo IV still does not have a release window as of the end of 2020. Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Progress on [Diablo IV] continues at a steady clip and we're excited about several big updates and revisions that the team's worked on for a long time that we are trying to complete before the holidays. Today's topic centers on one such major revision, which also happens to be the most requested topic this year: Itemization.

Items are the lifeblood of Diablo. They are the element of the game that captures your imagination and keeps you playing and wondering, "What if?" after you put the game down. Whether it's anticipating the next piece of perfectly rolled godly gear or kicking around item combinations in your head like a mad scientist, items are undoubtedly a major part of what makes Diablo so compelling and so different from other games.

Understanding how important it is to get itemization right, we paid special attention to early player feedback about this part of the game. We knew that many more iterations awaited between what we showed you at BlizzCon 2019, our follow-up blogs, and the final game release. We also knew from past Diablo entries that we will need to have the time and resources to make these iterations—thankfully, we have that baked into our current schedule. Getting all of your feedback encouraged us to move some of that iteration time forward so that we could get our newest direction in front of you sooner.

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