Doing Futuristic Detective Work in Tales of the Neon Sea

One of the cooler looking titles we got to mess with at PAX East came to us from China as Zodiac Interactive brought over a few titles for the event including Tales Of The Neon Sea. If you have a love for Blade Runner and puzzles, this is basically going to be right up your alley as you are put in the role of a hard-boiled detective who has a pension for living like a slob in a world where robots and magic apparently exist at the same time. In the first section we played, we had a talking cat who was afraid of some rattling armor upstairs, and after solving a set of puzzles and getting a magical sword we'd been using as a coat rack out of the bathroom, we quelled the armor and then headed off to check on a case.

Doing Futuristic Detective Work in Tales of the Neon Sea
credit//Zodiac Interactive

The game doesn't have any action that we could see, the majority of it was going from place to place and getting information while solving puzzles and trying to make sense of this futuristic world we're currently living in. I enjoyed my time, but I do feel like the demo we played needed some work as to the pacing. We didn't get a timeframe of when we'd see the game published, only that they were aiming to have it on Steam sometime in 2018.

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