Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Reprint Reveal: Demigra

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has begun to reveal cards from its Special Anniversary Box 2021. The box will include 96 cards in total with 35 guaranteed cards from the Special Anniversary Set with each card including a double, two five-card Special Anniversary Packs featuring foil versions of cards from the set, for Vault Power-Up Packs with four cards each, one of four Anniversary 2021 sleeves, and one of four Storage Box Anniversary 2021 designs. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game reveals the cards from this special set, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the cards from a collector's perspective. In our next selection here, we check out some of the reprint cards that will be available in the Vault Power-Up Packs.

Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary reprints. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary reprints. Credit: Bandai

I love every aspect of Dragon Ball. I really do. But if I end up pulling one of these as the foil in my Vault Power-up Packs, I might have to gather the Dragon Balls myself to wish for better pulls. From a collector's perspective, we're just getting four foil reprints per box, so I'd much prefer an iconic character. That said, these cards do look quite nice, with the deep black background and the limited color palette. Demon God Demigra is the lead antagonist of Xenoverse and one of the antagonists of the game and promotional anime Dragon Ball Heroes. He acts sort of as the antithesis to the Supreme Kai of Time and serves on the Dark Empire under Mechikabura. Hatchiyack is the villain of Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans and is noted by Goku in the video game to possibly be even more powerful than Broly. Both of these are expanded universe characters which the Dragon Ball Super Card Game has run with — especially Demigra. The Black sections of the first few Unison Warrior Series sets heavily featured the Dark Empire characters.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game 2021 Anniversary Box comes out this month.

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