Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Clash Of Fates Checklist

Since I've begun collecting Dragon Ball Super Card Game cards, I haven't been able to find a simple checklist for each set… so I figured Bleeding Cool would be the exact right place to host one now that we're covering this exciting hobby. Here is the complete checklist for Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Clash of Fates.

Clash of Fates pack and logo. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Clash of Fates pack and logo. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Clash of Fates is the third themed boosted, is designated the code TB3, and includes cards numbered up to TB3-069. Keep in mind that SPRs (Special Rares) will have the same numbering as Super Rare cards in Dragon Ball Super Card Game but feature different, rarer artwork.

  • Frieza // Frieza, Metamorphic Threat Uncommon TB3-001
  • Final Showdown Frieza Super Rare TB3-002
  • Final Showdown Frieza (SPR) Special Rare TB3-002
  • Frieza, Storm of Blows Rare TB3-003
  • Evolutionary Process Frieza Uncommon TB3-004
  • Frieza, Overture to Battle Common TB3-005
  • Body Change Ginyu Rare TB3-006
  • Body Change Ginyu (SPR) Special Rare TB3-006
  • Strikeforce Recoome Uncommon TB3-007
  • Strikeforce Burter Common TB3-008
  • Strikeforce Jeice Common TB3-009
  • Strikeforce Guldo Common TB3-010
  • Dodoria, the Expendable Uncommon TB3-011
  • Super Zarbon Common TB3-012
  • Zarbon, Hidden Potential Common TB3-013
  • Strategic Mind Kikono Feature Rare TB3-014
  • Recoome Ultra Fighting Bomber Common TB3-015
  • Frieza's Spaceship Uncommon TB3-016
  • Paralysis Technique Common TB3-017
  • Bardock // Bardock, Hope of the Saiyans Uncommon TB3-018
  • Final Strike Bardock Super Rare TB3-019
  • Final Strike Bardock (SPR) Special Rare TB3-019
  • Gine, Mother of Hope Uncommon TB3-020
  • Son Goku, Striving to be the Best Feature Rare TB3-021
  • Kakarot, Bearer of Fate Common TB3-022
  • Prince Vegeta Common TB3-023
  • Burnished Bonds Tora Rare TB3-024
  • Planetary Invader Tora Uncommon TB3-025
  • Burnished Bonds Fasha Rare TB3-026
  • Planetary Invader Fasha Uncommon TB3-027
  • Burnished Bonds Shugesh Common TB3-028
  • Burnished Bonds Borgos Common TB3-029
  • Toolo, the Seer Common TB3-030
  • Future Punch Common TB3-031
  • Tora's Red Armband Rare TB3-032
  • Tora's Red Armband (SPR) Special Rare TB3-032
  • Dream the Future Common TB3-033
  • Son Goku // Son Goku, The Legendary Super Saiyan Uncommon TB3-034
  • Final Showdown Son Goku Super Rare TB3-035
  • Final Showdown Son Goku (SPR) Special Rare TB3-035
  • Hyperspeed Son Goku Uncommon TB3-036
  • Tenacious Spirit Son Gohan Super Rare TB3-037
  • Tenacious Spirit Son Gohan (SPR) Special Rare TB3-037
  • Fledgling Duo Son Gohan Common TB3-038
  • Vegeta, Fully Recovered Common TB3-039
  • Tactical Victory Vegeta Common TB3-040
  • Ever-Dependable Bulma Common TB3-041
  • Persistent Assault Krillin Rare TB3-042
  • Fledgling Duo Krillin Uncommon TB3-043
  • Dende Common TB3-044
  • Cheelai, the Beautiful Feature Rare TB3-045
  • Plea for Salvation Common TB3-046
  • Frieza Army Healing Pod Rare TB3-047
  • Preemptive Strike Uncommon TB3-048
  • Dende // Piccolo, Brimming with Confidence Uncommon TB3-049
  • Son Gohan Common TB3-050
  • Vegeta, Striving to be the Best Feature Rare TB3-051
  • Krillin, Ability Unleashed Common TB3-052
  • Piccolo, Fused with Nail Super Rare TB3-053
  • Piccolo, Fused with Nail (SPR) Special Rare TB3-053
  • Piccolo, Potential Unleashed Rare TB3-054
  • Namekian Solidarity Piccolo Uncommon TB3-055
  • Ancient Wisdom Guru Common TB3-056
  • Life or Death Nail Rare TB3-057
  • Nail, Pride of Namek Uncommon TB3-058
  • Wishmaker Dende Rare TB3-059
  • Cargo, Namekian Youth Common TB3-060
  • Twin Revival Uncommon TB3-061
  • Assimilate Common TB3-062
  • Solar Flare Common TB3-063
  • Dragon Ball // Porunga, Saviour of Namekians Uncommon TB3-064
  • No Escape Son Goku Common TB3-065
  • Newfound Power Porunga Super Rare TB3-066
  • Newfound Power Porunga (SPR) Special Rare TB3-066
  • Porunga's Dragon Ball Common TB3-067
  • Wish to Porunga Common TB3-068
  • Frieza, Army Reborn (SCR) Secret Rare TB3-069

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