Dragon Ball Super Card Game Releases Mythic Booster Boxes

It seems as if this is the week that Bandai's Dragon Ball Super Card Game catches up on delayed releases. After we were able to confirm that local game shops are finally getting the long-delayed second-print booster boxes of Rise of the Unison Warrior and Vermillion Bloodline, we can also confirm that DBSCG has hit its wide release date for Mythic BoosterMythic Booster was previously announced as a late 2021 release but it ended up being a tiered release. First, Bandai was able to get Mythic Booster Gift Collections featuring four packs from the new set, sleeves, and a deck box out in December 2021 while actual booster boxes were delayed until today, January 14th. Let's get into the details of exactly what Mythic Booster is and what this unique set will bring to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game hobby.

Mythic Booster box and packs. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Mythic Booster box and packs. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Mythic Booster is a reprint set but not in the way that the recent second-edition boxes of Rise of the Unison Warrior and Vermillion Bloodline fully reprint those sets. Instead, Mythic Booster reprints cards across multiple different sets, products, and promos to create a sort of patchwork set that includes both the original art and Alternate Art versions of cards meant to be useful to Dragon Ball Super Card Game players.

A pack of Mythic Booster goes like this:

  • Eight cards per pack, 24 booster packs in a booster box
  • The first six cards are reprints using the original artwork
  • The seventh card is the parallel foil slot, which is always a holo version of one of the reprint cards still using the original art. This is the first time this style of holo parallel foil has been used, as there is a wavy pattern to the foil rather than the standard flat foil used in main series sets. Notably, the two SCRs in the set can be pulled as foils which is not a feature any previous set has offered.
  • The eighth and final card is an Alternate Art, gold stamped foil that gives a new illustration to a reprint card.

Every card in the set is available both as a holo parallel foil and an Alternate Art Gold Stamped card. Best of luck hunting down the SCRs, which depict Cell Xeno and SS4 Vegeta!

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