DICE Explain How Heroes And Villains Work In Star Wars: Battlefront

BattlefrontThe heroes and villain inclusion in Battlefront II was fairly inspired. There was nothing more fun than waiting at a choke point with Darth Maul and tearing apart Storm Trooper forces as they proceeded on you.

That's why I'm excited to see them in action in the upcoming reboot by DICE. We haven't seen too much about them in terms of gameplay, but as of right now Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett have been announced.

In a new blog post, it goes through each of them and what they are good at. Luke is seen as a more fast paced melee unit, Darth Vader a heavy short ranged unit and Boba Fett is a long range, gadget laden unit. The post posits:

For instance, when Luke Skywalker faces off with Boba Fett, a really interesting cat-and-mouse game ensues, where Luke must use his abilities to get up close and Fett must do the opposite. Like the rock-paper-scissors gameplay of previous DICE games, these fights are aimed to be both tactical, fun, and balanced even though asymmetrical.

The post goes into more specifics as to what each character's abillities so head over and give it a look. The post confirms that more heroes will be in the final game too.

I really am interested to see how these are integrated into the game more, as the idea of these kind of powerful characters in a Battlefield type setting is hard to get my head around. I hope the balancing is just right.