Dragon Ball Super Previews Collector's Selection Vol 3: Wolf Fang Fist

The third installment of Bandai's Dragon Ball Super Card Game Collector's Selection has been revealed. The DBSCG Collector's Selections have been curated sets of Alternate Art cards with special, unique foiling that come in premium portfolios. These can only be pre-ordered through Bandai's official merch shop and will not be released to hobby shops. Historically, these Collector's Selections have been made up of cards picked by both the Dragon Ball Super Card Game developers and fans. This year's Collector's Selection Vol.3 features Piccolo on the cover as the feature character, following Ultra Instinct Goku who was displayed on 2021's Collector's Selection Vol.1 and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta who was shown on 2022's Collector's Selection Vol.2. In honor of the announcement of this new Dragon Ball Super Card Game announcement, Bleeding Cool will showcase previews of the beautiful, textured foil Alternate Art cards that will be on display in this unique collector's item. Today, we spotlight one more card from Collector's Selection Vol.3.

Collector's Vol.3 cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Collector's Vol.3 cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Two days ago, I closed out Bleeding Cool's previews of Dragon Ball Super Card Game's Collector's Selection Vol.3… but there was one card I missed. It's kind of poetic that the character featured on this forgotten card is Yamcha.

Yamcha's depiction in Dragon Ball Super has been dramatically influenced by fan reception of the character from the era. When Toriyama originally introduced the character in the early days of O.G. Dragon Ball, he was a badass bandit that acted as a foil and then a capable ally of Goku. He was seen as a cool character who could beat the baddie and get the girl: Bulma. Then, Z came around, and Yamcha's early (and temporary) death in the beginning of the battle with the Saiyans, the loss of Bulma as a romantic interest to Vegeta, his gut-wrenching wound in the beginning of the Android Saga, and overall his incapability of keeping up with the other warriors led to him becoming a meme amongst the fanbase.

That said? The card is badass and Yamcha is underrated.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more Dragon Ball Super Card Game previews and peeks at upcoming DBSCG products.

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