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Preview of Dragon Ball Super Collector’s Selection Vol. 2 – Part 4
The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has begun to preview the cards from its premium, limited-edition release, the Bandai-exclusive Collector's Selection Vol 2 This set will include a selection of fan-favorite cards reprinted with alternate artwork that is etched with premium foil The Collector's Selection Vol 1 has skyrocketed to be one of the most[...]
Stranger Things Demogorgon Returns With New Bandai Figure Line
The nightmares of Hawkins, IN are back as Bandai unveils a brand new set of figures from the Netflix original series, Stranger Things Demogorgon's walk our world once again with the standard two-foot creatures as well as the Demodog Both figures are highly detailed, with their gruesome nightmare designs nicely captured by Bandai but are[...]
Stranger Things Demogorgon Returns With New Bandai Figure Line
Bandai has announced a brand new set of figures for the hit Netflix series in 6" format, starting with Hopper and Eleven This is the first for Stranger Things, and Bandai is kicking off with Season 3 Eleven and Season 4 Jim Hopper from the teaser promo Not much is known about this line, but[...]
The Mandalorian Travels Back in Time with Ronin Bandai Figure
Bandai is back at it again as they travel through time with the incredible world of Star Wars as they reveal a new Mei Sho Movie Realization figure The Mandalorian and Grogu are back with a brand new sculpt and design that captures this Lone Wolf and Cub in his Beskar armor with a twist[...]
Dragon Ball Super CG Releases Pride of the Saiyans Questionnaire
Bandai's questions of these decks are interesting, as it shows that the company is eager for fan feedback as they construct future sets. Cross Spirits decks Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game Questions included in this latest Dragon Ball Super Card Game questionnaire include: What cards or characters do you want to see in upcoming DBSCG products? What sort of[...]
Will Niantic Nerf Remote Raiding in Pokémon GO?
Bandai, the company behind the hit Dragon Ball Super Card Game, has announced a new product to appeal to their growing base of collectors The Dragon Ball Carddass Premium Edition DX Set isn't an official part of the DBSCG, but is being advertised through the Card Game's social media platforms Bandai clearly sees an overlap in interest, because[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Puzzle Replica Model Arrives From Bandai
Bandai has revealed their newest model kit, which will be putting the legendary relic into the hands of the collectors Weighing only 1 pound and coming in at a max length of 10" (base of the pyramid), Bandai has loaded detail into this beauty Bandai has captured all of the detail into this Millennium Puzzle,[...]
New Digimon Figures Arrived From Bandai Including MetalGreymon
Bandai has revealed that the popular animated series Digimon is joining the SHODO figure series This time were are digivolving as MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon are here to join your growing collection Each figure is loaded with a high amount of detail, articulation, and accessories to capture them in action Digimon fans will be able to[...]
Bandai and Marvel Create Tech-On Avengers
With Tech-On Avengers by Jim Zub and Jeff Cruz, and in collaboration with Bandai Spirits of Japan Which, presumably, means toys at some point.  TECH-ON AVENGERS is a tokusatsu-inspired action-adventure comic series featuring stellar new armor designs for some of Marvel's most iconic heroes and villains. Oh yes, definitely means toys at some point. BANDAI SPIRITS will also[...]
Stranger Things Season 4 Gets First Collectible With Bandai
Bandai can not wait either as they announce their new Stranger Things figure that will stand 7" tall and feature roughly 21 points of articulation. The figure will feature a recreated prisoner design from the Stranger Things teaser (here) with an included hammer This is an interesting first choice of figure to choose for fans from[...]
Opinion: Card Gaming In A Post-COVID Era Is Tough To Get Back Into
This combined with the gameplay of this surprisingly-complex game from a competitive angle makes PTCGO worthwhile and keeps the Pokémon Trading Card Game current enough to survive the pandemic climate. The Digimon Card Game: Will it Survive COVID-19? Finally, we come to the Digimon Card Game,  a relative newcomer to the TCG market and Bandai's latest attempt to make a[...]
Pacific Rim: The Black Atlas Destroyer Deploys From Bandai
Bandai is capturing the might of the Jaeger as they unveil ether newest articulated figure Standing roughly 6.7 inches, this new Jaeger is packed with some amazing colors, great attention to detail, and accessories straight from the show For Atlas Destroyer, accessories will include swappable hands, saber chain, and saber chain injection attachment parts. This Jaeger[...]
Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku Nichiri Blade Arrives From Bandai
Bandai has announced that they will be releasing a 1:1 scale prop replica of Kyojuro Rengoku's Nichirin blade to celebrate the excitement The blade measures roughly 37 inches long and is packed with meticulous detail straight from Demon Slayer The Bandai Proplica Blade will feature sounds from the series, which will include over 60 sounds[...]
Pokemon Fans Can Sleep Inside Gengar With New Bandai Pillow
That's right, The Pokemon Company and P-Bandai have unveiled a Gengar themed pillow with an expandable tongue When fully extended, the Gengar pillow measures roughly 5ft and 7" long, making it the perfect sleeping bag The pillow itself is quite hefty to coming in at 20" wide and 18 inches tall, perfect for any head[...]