New Digimon Digivice from Bandai

Another Digimon Adventure Begins with New Digivices from Bandai

Let’s get digital as a new Digimon Adventures awaits collectors with Bandai’s newest collectible The Digivice is back and is completely redesigned with updated effects, lights, sounds, and gameplay There are 8 colors to choose from and each one corresponds with iconic Digimon DigiDestined partners all of your favorites are back with Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon,[...]

Naruto: Shippuden Anime Heroes Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure 2-Pack - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Naruto Shippuden SDCC 2020 Exclusives Arrive at Entertainment Earth

From Bandai, Itachi and Sasuke are bundled together in a special two pack exclusively going to Entertainment Earth These two brothers have a very complicated family history and their problems are now yours with this special two pack Both figures will be featuring a special metallic paint scheme giving their outfits a new shine On[...]

Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars Super Saiyan Gohan and Piccolo Cape Version Action Figure 2-Pack - EE Exclusive

Dragon Ball Super Gets Entertainment Earth Exclusive for SDCC 2020

The first one revealed is a special Dragon Stars Series two-pack from Bandai The two pack will feature caped versions of the iconic duo, Gohan and Piccolo Both Dragon Ball Super figures will be under 6.5 inches and will feature 16 points of articulation Both figures will feature special paint schemes with Piccolo getting metallic[...]

Cup Noodle...Figure Coming This Fall From Bandai Spirits

Cup Noodle…Figure Coming This Fall From Bandai Spirits

If you want to add this figure from Bandai Spirits, it will cost you $25.99, and it will ship in September You can check out all the details and see some pics of the Cup Noodle figure down below, and preorder it right here.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1218341,1218337"] Cup Noodle Bandai Spirits Figure Details "This 1/1 scale model[...]

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Getting New Renegade Releases

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Getting New Renegade Releases

Renegade Game Studios is releasing a bunch of new products for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! Alongside other solicitations, Renegade is releasing not one, not two, but three new items for the popular board game. The Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver Pack for the board game features four Power Rangers and a villain, all either the […]

Wargreymon DCG card

Bandai's Digimon Card Game A Massive Hit In Japan

Now, Bandai, a major player in the franchise's longevity, has released a new card game in Japan for the Digimon franchise, and fans in the US want a slice of the digi-pie, so to speak.[caption id="attachment_1204302" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A Japanese advert showcasing the mechanics of the Digimon Card Game, featuring Wargreymon.[/caption]In a recent petition on[...]


Bandai Announces Japanese Exclusive Gundams are Coming to the US

Bandai has some big news for collectors as they have announced a huge release to the American market Roughly two dozens collectibles that were originally exclusive to the Japanese market are finally making their way to the states Two figures are from the hit anime, Dragon Ball Super as Zamasu and Super Saiyan God Super[...]

Funko Announced Virtual Con 2 with WonderCon Reschedule 

Ultraman Is Ready for Battle With Three New Bandai Figures

Sideshow Collectibles has opened up preorders for three new Ultraman figures from Bandai in their S.H Figuarts figure line These figures are based on the recent Netflix animated series and come highly detailed and ready for action Ultraman is up first with a highly detailed and posable figure that comes loaded with accessories He will[...]

New York Toy Fair: 32 Photos from Eaglemoss Booth

New York Toy Fair: 31 Photos from the Bandai America Booth

As our New York Toy Fair ride comes to a close to finish off our night with Bandai America Of course, they are mainly known for their hands in the anime game We saw a great variety of Naruto, DragonBall, and My Hero Academia. Every figure seems like they came straight from their retrospective shows[...]

“Evangelion” Characters Get New States from Bandai 

"Rebuild of Evangelion" Characters Get New States from Bandai 

This time three ladies from Evangelion get their time to shine as Rei, Asuka, and Mari get new Bandai statues Each one packs on the detail and color that really shows off each character nicely Evangelion fans can now build their ranks up and prepare to rebuild with these new statues.Each Rebuild of Evangelion Statue[...]

Hello Kitty and Gundam Crossover is Here from Bandai

Hello Kitty and Gundam Crossover is Here from Bandai

        A lot of crossovers are happening lately and we are talking more than just TV. If you are for some reason unaware, a crossover is when two products from two different series come together. This isn't a new concept but the products that come out of it usually are. Near the […]

Gundam Exia Figure is Releasing Soon from Bandai

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ended nearly 10 years ago and now you can get your own Exia figure This time Bandai has created the perfect grade figure that is their first Gundam figure to be part of their GunPla Evolution 40th Anniversary This figure features a specialized metal skeleton and perfected details to give collectors[...]

One Piece Stretches Out Their Bandai Statue Collection

One Piece Stretches Out Their Bandai Statue Collection

One Piece fans can rejoice as not just one but seven new statues have been announced by Bandai! Join Luffy and the gang with their new One Piece: Stampede Ichiban Kuji (Great Banquet) statues Monkey D Luffy, Sabo, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Trafalgar Law, Boa Hancock, and Rob Lucci all here for your collecting needs Each one[...]

Gundam Perfect Strike Scale Model Kit Coming Soon from Bandai

Gundam Perfect Strike Scale Model Kit Coming Soon From Bandai

The newest addition from Bandai Hobby Gunpla is the SEED Perfect Strike model kit The kit includes three Striker weapon System modules, the aile, sword, and launcher The model will be almost 12 inches high and will feature light-up eyes, which is pretty unique for a model There will be a newly molded parts for[...]

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Bandai Are Releasing A "Pokémon" Pokédex Smartphone Case

By the look of it, you slide your phone in from the top and have it rest in the left side to appear at the display screen, while the right side is just a bunch of buttons that serve no function other than to be the face lid.[caption id="attachment_1099152" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Bandai[/caption]As far as[...]

Build A Classic PlayStation Or Sega Saturn Model With These New Kits

Build A Classic PlayStation With These New Model Kits

Now, thanks to a new line from Bandai, you can build your own! Two new model kits, one for the original PlayStation and the other for the Sega Saturn, are in the works now.Part of a 2/5 line called Best Hit Chronicle, the models first debuted at the 2019 All Japan Model Hobby Show Everything[...]

Review: S.H. Figuarts & Bandai's Super Mario Figures

Figuarts and Bandai released a set of Super Mario figures from Nintendo The companies have released a few different sets of the toys, and we got what is essentially a starter kit for the entire line in the mail for review.[caption id="attachment_1092067" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Gavin Sheehan[/caption]So to start things off, we have Mario[...]

SDCC 2019 Exclusives: Bluefin Brings Storm Collectibles, Figuarts, Flame Toys, and More!

SDCC 2019 Exclusives: Bluefin Brings Storm Collectibles, Figuarts, Flame Toys, and More!

The Comic Con Exclusive is adorned in her Player 2 Green Outfit.Product Features:3 x interchanging heads 3 x interchanging hair style 4 x interchanging hands 2 x special move effectLimited!Available at the Storm Collectibles/Flame Toys booth 301!Price: $85Super Saiyan Gogeta - Dragon Ball World Adventure Figure-Rise Standard ExclusiveAvailable at the Bluefin Distribution booth 401!Price:[...]

Godzilla Makes His Way to SDCC With a New Exclusive Figure

Godzilla Makes His Way to SDCC With a New Exclusive Figure

Bandai has produced a 6.5 inch tall figure to help celebrate the 65th anniversary of the 1954 classic film It is made of a translucent flaked vinyl to help with the look of the Godzilla figure It comes in a cool window box packaging with a removable sleeve, the norm for most SDCC figures these[...]

Check out Crunchyroll's 'The Rise of Gunpla: How Gundam Became an Empire'

and a brand-new mini documentary chronicling the dawn of the anime series.[caption id="attachment_761560" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bandai Namco[/caption]It's pretty amazing that the entire Mobile Suit Gundam franchise almost crashed and burned, but the dedication and love that Gundam toy and model collectors showed to the series kept the anime going.40 years..[...]