Dragon Ball Super Releases Delayed Vermillion Bloodline Reprint & More

Earlier this week, I reported that Bandai has still yet to announce an updated release for their reprinted Dragon Ball Super Card Game sets. They had previously announced that the first two sets under the Unison Warrior Series banner, Rise of the Unison Warrior and Vermillion Bloodline, would be reprinted in the fall of 2021. This was of major note to collectors as the sets' first printings, especially Vermillion Bloodline, had become difficult and pricey to obtain. Soon after my report of the extended delay, I received a tracking number through my emails that the boxes I ordered back in September would arrive this week. Taking a look at other local game stores on social, I began to see multiple shops were finally getting Rise of the Unison Warrior and Vermillion Bloodline boxes in. While there hasn't been an official announcement, Dragon Ball Super Card Game has finally released these second edition boxes.

Vermillion Bloodline & Rise of the Unison Warrior booster box. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Vermillion Bloodline & Rise of the Unison Warrior booster box. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Now, one thing to watch is going to be the value of the original sets. This is the first time that we have seen a set get a proper reprint like this, as we have previously only seen reprinted cards slotted into special sets like Battle Evolution Booster, Mythic Booster, and Alt Art versions in the annual Anniversary Sets. This is a full-on booster box reprint that puts the entire set back into order rotation at game stores. The boxes are marked "2nd edition" and the cards have a "RE" symbol showing that they have been reprinted, which is going to create a separate market value for the new products and cards versus the original.

I do think, though, that the original will be impacted by this, which is, in my opinion, a good thing. I understand that Dragon Ball Super Card Game hobbyists can also be investors in a way, but these are not old sets. They skyrocketed in value due to lower-than-expected availability. For example, these boxes include the tenth and eleventh main series sets, while boxes for Colossal Warfare, the fourth set which is way closer to becoming vintage, are cheaper due to their wide availability. This, to me, is Bandai course-correcting a mistake in the DBSCG and making these sets, which are quite strong, available to their customers.

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