Dungeons & Dragons Online Gets Fables Of The Feywild Expansion

Standing Stone Games has added a new expansion into Dungeons & Dragons Online as players can now experience Fables Of The Feywild. This latest content drop will basically have you encountering many of the mythical things that make D&D so epic. Including a chance to meet the Archfey who are magical creatures who can either help you or hinder you throughout the game. You'll also be able to encounter majestic beasts of lore including unicorns, Pixies, Displacer Beasts, Fomorians, just to name a few. We have more details below about the expansion along with pics and a trailer for you to enjoy!

Yes, there are unicorns, but also a lot of weird things in Dungeons & Dragons Online. Courtesy of Standing Stone Games.
Yes, there are unicorns, but also a lot of weird things in Dungeons & Dragons Online. Courtesy of Standing Stone Games.
  • New Quests, Adventure Areas, and more: 13 Quests, a Wilderness area, new public zone, and a Raid (The raid will follow in a patch after launch.)

  • New Shifter Race: The Shifter is a humanoid that partially takes the form of beasts to rend their foes with primal might. In addition to the new Shifter race, players can play an Iconic Shifter Razorclaw, which begins gameplay at level 15.

  • New Monsters: Fight Displacer Beasts, Unicorns, Blink Dogs, Cooshees, and more!

  • Exciting Bonus Items in Collector's and Ultimate Fan Editions: Enjoy exciting new features in the Ultimate Fan Bundle, including: The Razorclaw Shifter Iconic, a level 15 character with its own unique skills and cosmetics; A Tome of Destiny +1 for all your characters existing and new, giving an extra point to spend in all your Epic Destiny trees; Instant teleport to the Feywild expansion content; and cosmetics like the Displacer Beast cosmetic pet, Black Unicorn, and Winter Eladrin armor set!

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