Dungeons & Dragons to Reveal a New Adventure in June Livestream

While we patiently wait for Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes to be released into Dungeons & Dragons' 5th Edition library later this month, the group announced today that they'll be unveiling a new adventure soon to be released later in 2018. While the name of the adventure hasn't been released yet, the big reveal will be shown off in a brand new livestream coming to the game's Twitch channel. It will be called the "Stream Of Many Eyes" and will feature several high-profile D&D streams from June 1st-3rd as they discuss it and play parts of it. The last time the folks at D&D did this was last year almost around the same time as they did a massive reveal for Tomb of Annihilation, which got a ton of praise and hyped people up for the new book. Below are some of the details of what each stream will feature.

Dungeons & Dragons to Reveal a New Adventure in June Livestream

The Stream of Many Eyes starts at 4pm PT on Friday, June 1st, with a visual tour of the studio led by host Anna Prosser Robinson and a roundtable conversation with the D&D team on the new storyline and what makes it so exciting. Dungeons & Dragons will then present live D&D play sessions with Force Grey & Dice, Camera, Action.

On Saturday, June 2nd, the livestream kicks off at 10 AM PT with Sirens of the Realms. Saturday's games will feature well-known D&D gaming group Girls, Guts, Glory as well newer groups Rivals of Waterdeep and Dark & Dicey, all previewing content from the new story. The entertainment will run all day, wrapping up at 7 PM PT.

Four groups will perform on Sunday, June 3rd, beginning at 11 AM PT and streaming until 8 PM PT. Games will include members of Critical Role, High Rollers, Force Grey and the entire cast of Dice, Camera, Action performing together in costume for the first time.

Dungeons & Dragons to Reveal a New Adventure in June Livestream

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