Encodya Receives New Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

Assemble Entertainment and developer Chaosmonger Studio have released a new featurette video this week for Encodya. The point-and-click adventure game has been on our radar for a minute as it looks like a darling title featuring a young orphan girl named Tiny and her hulking robot friend SAM-53 attempt to return light and happiness back to what is essentially a dystopian cyberpunk landscape set in the year 2062. Everything about it looks heartwarming and adorable and we're looking forward to it being released on January 26th, 2021. But before we get there we're getting glimpses of the game and what it has to offer, starting with the featurette they released today. We have a little more info on what you'll see on it below from the team, but this is essentially a look at how the game was designed and made to look and feel like a world that could use some love. Remaining very futuristic while at the same time still having roots in where we came from. Enjoy the video!

Come on! Tell me that isn't the most adorable cyberpunk image you've seen in a while! Courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.
Come on! Tell me that isn't the most adorable cyberpunk image you've seen in a while! Courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.

In this new featurette, Piovesan takes players behind the scenes and dives into the little details that truly bring the world of Neo-Berlin to life in Encodya. A point-and-click adventure game succeeds when it offers a believable fantasy world for players to explore and discover, and as Piovesan explains in the video, ensuring each element of the game lends itself to the experience is key to doing so. From the creation of completely original billboards and advertising jingles to simple things like the dialogue between NPCs on the street, Piovesan takes viewers through the creation process, providing developer insight into how creating an authentic world is possible with a strong narrative and plenty of subtle background detail.

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