Endzone – A World Apart Adds Livestock In Latest Update

Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studios announced a new update for Endzone – A World Apart that now adds livestock. You see, when the world falls apart and all things go to garbage, there's a lot of things you have to keep in mind in order to survive. One of those is food, and while surviving on rations is "fun" and "tasty", the reality is you're going to eventually want something fresh. Especially if you're somewhere that doesn't grow crops well. Hence, keeping livestock around like real farmers so you can live off the food they produce, and when they produce nothing else, the eventual animals themselves. Here's what the devs have to say on this new update.

Keeping animals alive is a lot more complicated in the end times than you think. Courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.
Keeping animals alive is a lot more complicated in the end times than you think. Courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.

Raising livestock doesn't come easy; settlers must use the Hunting Lodge to hunt and capture animals that can be kept within farm pasture, another new in-game addition. Likewise, the newly added Food Counter is used to provide food for settlers, which means less walking distance to acquire necessary nourishment in the form of hearty meals, cakes, and various stews.  Additionally, the in-game tutorial has been expanded to include the use of these new features so that players get a glimpse into how their settler's food is being made and processed, in addition to a detailed walkthrough on how to catch, tame, and farm livestock.

Keep in mind, this is all part of a larger roadmap for Endzone – A World Apart that has yet to see the full fruition. There's still six more updates for the game on the way that we haven't seen the finer details of. You can check out the trailer for this one below while we wait to see what else they incorporate into the game with the new livestock options.

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