Enjoy Finding Distanced Love In Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing

Way Down Deep and Serenity Forge have released a special game for Valentine's Day with Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing. In the most COVID-19 thing someone could possibly make, this game has you finding love in the middle of the current pandemic. It's up to you to find love and romance when no one can be in a room more than six feet apart, let alone touch each other, set in the same world as the original Half Past Fate universe. We gotta give the developers kudos for taking their original game and formatting it to current times, as we're sure there are a lot of single people or those just dating someone who are feeling the strain during the pandemic. This is probably a fun way for a lot of people to blow off some steam about it. The game is available right now on Steam and Nintendo Switch for $6.

Find a way to keep love alive in Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing, courtesy of Way Down Deep.
Find a way to keep love alive in Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing, courtesy of Way Down Deep.

When a pandemic keeps Robin and Stephen apart, it's up to them to keep their signal strong! Follow their story as they pick up new hobbies, share their music tastes, and learn more about each other. Finding true love is hard enough when it's in person! Build a relationship through the screen as a couple copes with lockdown life by staying connected online! Will their love be loud and clear, or will their signals fade away? Cozy up with their quarantine story and see if they'll find a way to stay connected in the weirdest of times in this new episode of the Half Past Fate story.

  • Learn to love from afar through the charismatic 2.5D pixel-art style of Half Past Fate.
  • Enjoy a charming and honest slice-of-life story set in all-too-familiar circumstances.
  • Play from both sides of the new relationship and see how each of your lives have changed.
  • Judge (or admire) each other's home decor, peculiar roommates, and musical tastes.
  • Explore in endearing detail the intimate environs of each other's quarantined lives.
  • Maybe figure out what the heck "defragging" does.

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