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Serenity Forge Announces Roman Sands RE:Build
Serenity Forge and developer Arbitrary Metric announced their new game, Roman Sands RE:Build, set for release sometime in 2023 Right off the bat, this is probably one of the more visually stunning titles created by either party, as the artwork of this paradise pops off the screen and immediately brings you into this world The[...]
Smile For Me
Serenity Forge and LimboLane revealed this week that they're bringing Smile To Me over to multiple consoles sometime this Spring The game will be set for the Nintendo Switch, as well as PS4 and PS5 versions, but o word on an Xbox version anywhere down the road even though it's already on PC This version[...]
Homestead Arcana
Skybound Games and Serenity Forge came together for a new partnership this week to announce a new game with Homestead Arcana This looks like a really interesting title as you will take on the role of a farming witch who is pioneering across a range of land that has been mysteriously corrupted with Miasma The[...]
Dungeon Munchies To Receive Physical & Collector's Editions
Serenity Forge rolled out another physical edition for a game this past week as Dungeon Munchies will be getting the Collector's treatment The PC title from developer MaJAJa will be making its way over to consoles on October 28th as we'll see it released for the Nintendo Switch, as well as the PS4 and PS5[...]
Sword & Fairy: Together Forever To Get Physical Release On PlayStation
Serenity Forge is working with Softstar Bejing and Eastasiasoft to bring physical editions of Sword & Fairy: Together Forever to PS4 and PS5 The iconic Chinese RPG series will be getting another entry added to the west as they will be releasing the game in North America sometime in Q1 2023 for PlayStation consoles, and[...]
Arcadian Atlas Announced For Summer 2023 Release
Serenity Forge revealed this past week that their latest game, Arcadian Atlas, will be getting released sometime in the Summer of 2023 Developed by Twin Otter Studios and German Wahnsinn Studio, this game is a politically-charged tactical RPG that clearly took its art style and cues from many tactics-based games such as Final Fantasy Tactics[...]
Art Of Rally Will Be Getting A Physical Release This September
Serenity Forge and Funselektor Labs Inc revealed this week that they will be releasing a physical edition of Art Of Rally this September There will be two versions of the game as you can choose from a Standard Edition and a Collector's Edition, both of which we have details of below They'll also be releasing[...]
Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator Will Get A Physical Release
Serenity Forge revealed this week they'll be releasing a physical version of Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator this Fall The twisted but hilarious game about selling alien organs on the virtual black market in space has captured a devoted fanbase who have enjoyed the weird aspects of the game And now they're looking to give[...]
Death’s Gambit: Afterlife Is Getting A Boxed Version For Switch
Serenity Forge and Meridiem Games revealed they will be releasing a special boxed version of Death's Gambit: Afterlife for Nintendo Switch As you can see from the image below, this version of it will come with a special case with new art, a physical copy of the game, a double-sided poster, and an artbook This[...]
Death's Gambit: Afterlife Set For PC & Switch Release At Month's End
Serenity Forge revealed this week that Death's Gambit: Afterlife is getting released on both PC and Nintendo Switch at the end of the month The development team at White Rabbit is keeping up its commitment to making new content since it was released over three years ago They are offering up what is probably going[...]
Death's Gambit: Afterlife Will Be Released On Nintendo Switch
Serenity Forge reveals this past week in the middle of all the gaming streams that Death's Gambit: Afterlife will be released on Nintendo Switch Following the success of its initial release, the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch with several new features and changes to make it new and different for old and[...]
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Will Launch This Month
Some interesting news this weekend as we learned Serenity Forge will launch Doki Doki Literature Club Plus this month The original 2017 game was a major indie hit for developer Team Salvato and publisher and co-developer Serenity Forge, as people were drawn into the cryptic storyline and music that was both insane and cringy, but[...]
Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse Will Launch On March 11th
Serenity Forge revealed today that Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse will be coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch on March 11th After debuting in the summer of 2020 and having a ton of buzz around it from the C&H fanbase with a demo, we're finally going to get to play the full game This title has[...]
Auto Draft
Way Down Deep and Serenity Forge have released a special game for Valentine's Day with Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing In the most COVID-19 thing someone could possibly make, this game has you finding love in the middle of the current pandemic It's up to you to find love and romance when no one can[...]
Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse Gets A Free Demo
Explosm, Skeleton Crew Studios, and Serenity Forge released a free demo today for Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse The demo was released as part of the Summer edition of the Steam Game Festival, giving players a chance to experience the title The new demo is only available for a limited time and it will give you a[...]
Wackiness Ensues As We Try Half Past Fate at PAX East
Developed by Serenity Forge, the game is a narrative adventure where you are basically in the middle of a romantic comedy It's up to you to find love while also figuring out how to move the plot along in this awesome little environment they've created The demo we played started us off as your typical[...]
The King's Bird Receives an Official Launch Date This Month
This morning, Serenity Forge and Graffiti Games have finally put an official release date on their upcoming game The King's Bird The game will be coming to Steam on August 23rd for $20, in a game described as a "momentum-driven, precision-platforming game that has players use aerial movements to seamlessly dash, glide and flow, with precision and[...]
Getting My Magical Parkour On: We Review 'Mystic Melee'
The Serenity Forge title that was developed by Hypothetical Games has got one of those modern old-school looks that are appealing on the surface, but the one time I got to try it out, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it since it hadn't been fully finished Now that we have the final[...]