EVE Echoes Launches Its Yoiul Festival To Close Out 2021

Netease Games has launched the annual Yoiul Festival into EVE Echoes as they put a cap on 2021 with tons of lights and items. This is an in-game festival that is celebrated by the residents of New Eden, in which those of you playing the game will be rewarded with log-in bonuses and limited-time events as part of the festivities. Part of this includes the addition of a brand new citadel with several structures and technology for vessels to take advantage of. We got more details below as the event is now live on both iOS and Android.

EVE Echoes Launches Its Yoiul Festival To Close Out 2021
Credit: Netease Games

In the lore of the EVE universe, the Yoiul Festival is an annual holiday festival that is celebrated by the Capsuleers of New Eden. This year, with the theme of Golden Age, the Yoiul Festival is about to kick off a new trend that calls for an appreciation for the past, involving the following in-game events and content updates for EVE Echoes:

  • Fading Stars: Treasure Troves: The Fading Stars: Treasure Trove event is coming to EVE Echoes. From December 16th to January 5th, players can receive Gravitational-wave Graphs as login rewards. These graphs record the signal location of anomalies generated by abnormal gravitational fluctuations. The players who dare follow these treasure maps can complete the exploration and team up with their friends, defeat the powerful enemies who guard these anomalies, and take their loot. There is a chance for players to earn plenty of Nanocores, reverse props, equipment blueprints, and modification blueprints!
  • Yoiul Festival Golden Age: EVE Echoes players will have a chance to explore the mysterious past of New Eden. The event will run from December 22nd to January 12th. Players can look for relics, letters, and tags to help historians piece together the full picture of New Eden's history, while earning bounty rewards in the process!
  • New Citadel Structures: Anomaly Detection Array And Base Detection Array: The Yoiul Festival will also involve new citadel structures being added to EVE Echoes. The Anomaly Detection Array can increase the frequency of anomalies in the galaxy, as well reducing the time it takes for anomalies to be discovered in pirate bases. The Base Detection Array reduces the security level requirements and the time it takes for pirate bases to upgrade. These new structures will give players new possibilities when engaging in sovereignty wars, as they attempt to control parts of New Eden.
  • New Golden Age Nanocores And Sun Chaser Navigation System: The Sun Chaser Navigation System has been approved to be implemented on the latest Golden Age Nanocores for the first time! The system can lock on and jump to any target ITC station in both high-sec and low-sec area! Players will have a chance to get the brand new Nanocores in the Sun Chaser Funding Program from December 22nd to January 15th. Once a Nanocore is installed and the Sun Chaser Navigation System is activated, the player can jump across light years without needing to pass through a Stargate. It also means that the war in New Eden will usher in a new chapter.

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