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LifeAfter: Season 5 Will Be Launched On December 2nd
NetEase Games announced today they will be launching the fifth season to their doomsday survival mobile game, LifeAfter The season is being called Power of Mutation, and will be released across the globe on Decmber 2nd, 2022 This particular event will have a new crisis to deal with in the form of a giant "sky eye"[...]
Quantic Dream Has Been Acquired By NetEase Games
announced it has acquired French studio Quantic Dream to run under NetEase Games An interesting change of pace for the company behind games such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain, as at one point, they were directly publishing titles for Sony, and now find themselves a part of a Chinese publisher (Which is becoming[...]
Survival Shooter Title Lost Light Set For Release In September
NetEase Games revealed they are officially ready to release their survival shooter game Lost Light worldwide next month The game, which will allow cross-play on PC and mobile devices, has been getting some interesting reviews while sitting in Early Access on Steam We'll see how the full game treats fans as it will be released[...]
Vikingard Will Have A Special Crossover With The TV Show Vikings
NetEase Games revealed today that they will be launching a special crossover event in Vikingard with the popular TV show Vikings The content will kick off on August 23rd as you will be able to fight alongside heroes from the television series in the game, as well as be able to participate in a number[...]
EVE Echoes 2nd Anniversary Adds New Expansion
NetEase Games and CCP Games are celebrating the second anniversary of EVE Echoes with a brand new expansion called The Sleeper This is the biggest expansion for the game to date as they bring in a brand new enemy called The Sleepers, which comes with an all-new gameplay and build-up system revolving around them There's[...]
Mission Zero To Launch Technical Test On July 8th
NetEase Games is currently taking sign-ups for people to take part in the official Mission Zero technical test starting July 8th The test will primarily take place in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Thailand, as you can take part on both Android and PC through Google Play As well as the official website and TapTap[...]
Mission Zero Reveals Three New Mobius Characters
NetEase Games revealed three new Mobius characters coming to Mission Zero, complete with trailers and info for each one of them In the game you will get to choose from two factions to engage with, one of them being the Mobius, who have eight characters that have their own host of abilities The three characters[...]
Naraka: Bladepoint Set To Launch Onto Mobile This Weekend
NetEase Games and 24 Entertainment revealed they will be releasing a new hero into Naraka: Bladepoint this Saturday What's more, the game is going to bring everything that you already love about the PC title over to both iOS and Android sometime later this year, as you'll be able to experience the power of the[...]
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Receives New Trailer
NetEase Games dropped a brand new trailer today for their upcoming role-playing mobile title Harry Potter: Magic Awakened The company announced the game a while ago as we would be getting a different take on the world of Hogwarts through an entirely different viewpoint and gameplay, but at the time they didn't have much to[...]
NetEase Games Launches First United States-Based Studio
NetEase Games announced this week they have opened their first United States-based studio with Jackalope Games in Austin, Texas This studio won't follow in line with a lot of the Chinese-owned company's set of operations as this one will allow its employees to work from home, and operate with its own creative autonomy We have[...]
WB Games & NetEase Announce Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
WB Games and NetEase Games have opened up pre-registration for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened in time for rewards for the latest film The team is collaborating with the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore to give out special rewards for free-to-play CCGMMO in which you will play as dueling wizards at Hogwarts Those[...]
WB Games & NetEase Announce Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
WB Games and NetEase Games revealed a new Harry Potter mobile title on the way for both iOS and Android called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened This one is going to be an interesting mix of genres for a mobile title with this IP as they're releasing a free-to-play immersive collectible card title mixed together with[...]
NetEase Games Announces New Tokyo Developer Nagoshi Studio Inc.
NetEase Games announced this evening that they have launched a new development studio based in Tokyo, Japan called Nagoshi Studio Inc As you may have guessed from the name, the studio will be headed up by Toshihiro Nagoshi, who served as the former producer of Yakuza series He has taken on the role of Representative Director[...]
Infinite Lagrange Releases Twin Festival Update
Netease Games has released a new update for Infinite Lagrange this week as you get to celebrate the holidays with a special festival The update is currently live and brings with it new stories for players to explore through, as they will gain vital knowledge and a deeper understanding of the history behind the world[...]
EVE Echoes Launches Its Yoiul Festival To Close Out 2021
Netease Games has launched the annual Yoiul Festival into EVE Echoes as they put a cap on 2021 with tons of lights and items This is an in-game festival that is celebrated by the residents of New Eden, in which those of you playing the game will be rewarded with log-in bonuses and limited-time events[...]
The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War Launches September 23rd
NetEase Games along with WB Games have released a new cinematic trailer for the mobile title The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War There's not much here beyond the fact you get to look at the game's introduction through the eyes of someone playing a long game with everyone in Middle-Earth as pieces to[...]
The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War Launches September 23rd
NetEase Games has released a new pair of gameplay trailers for their upcoming mobile release of The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War The first of these is a developer video in which you're given a bit of a tour of the game from Senior Game Designer Nicolas Perrin The second one gets to[...]
The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War Launches September 23rd
WB Games and NetEase Games announced that The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War is getting released on September 23rd This mobile strategy title has been in the works for a while, much like a lot of games that have been based on the LOTH properties Right now you can pre-register for it on[...]
Infinite Lagrange Will Be Released In The West On June 2nd
After being pushed back from April, NetEase Games will finally release Infinite Lagrange on mobile in the west on June 2nd The company revealed during its NetEase Connect 2021 conference that their 3D sci-fi strategy title will be coming to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and others It was originally set for launch on[...]
Auto Draft
Behaviour Interactive and NetEase Games are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Dead By Daylight Mobile today! The team is celebrating a few things involved with the game as it has surpassed 17 million downloads, and expanded the game's audience for people who love to survive or slash on the go As part of the anniversary,[...]
NetEase Games To Launch Infinite Lagrange On April 21st
NetEase Games announced this week they will be releasing Infinite Lagrange for both mobile and PC on April 21st This is a must-try game for people who love sci-fi and are looking for major fights in space as the game will throw you into large-scale space battles and explore the endless depths of the universe[...]
NetEase Games & Codemasters Officially Announce Racing Master
NetEase Games and Codemasters have a new mobile racing title on the way as both companies announced Racing Master today This particular game is a real-time simulation racing game that was created through a combination of Unreal 4 Engine and Codemasters' proprietary EGO technology The companies are boasting that with this combo, players will experience[...]
Freddy Krueger Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile
NetEase Games and Behaviour Interactive have added a new chapter to Dead By Daylight Mobile as Freddy Krueger drops into the game The team has slowly been adding in content that's already in the main game as to ease players into the content who have only played it on mobile The Elm Street chapter brings[...]
EVE Echoes Reveals The Next Expansion Called Indomitable
CCP Games and NetEase Games have revealed the next expansion coming to the mobile game EVE Echoes with Indomitable The update went live today in the game as the content it contains will increase the scope of the game even further, according to the devs This one will now let you maneuver around to claim[...]
EVE Echoes Launches The Crimson Harvest Event
Netease Games released a new update into EVE Echoes yesterday as players can now experience The Crimson Harvest Like a lot of seasonal events this time of year,k aside from adding in a bunch of spooky stuff to the game and tinting a bunch of things orange, you can pick up special items from now[...]
Dead By Daylight Mobile Celebrates 10 Million Downloads
Along with NetEase Games, the company has released an update into the game that a lot of people will be looking forward to as it is both an upgrade and a general improvement to a lot of items First, two graphical updates have been added totally free on both iOS and Android, which will be[...]
NetEase Games Has Relaunched Total War: Arena In China
Creative Assembly has partnered up with NetEase games to relaunch Total War: Arena into China, which finally happened this week The deal basically came down to NetEase acquiring the exclusive publishing rights to the game to make it happen What's more, the company intends to gather insights and feedback to "further refine and optimize Total[...]
NetEase Games Reveals Its Sixth Annual Product Launch Event
NetEase Games held its Sixth Annual Product Launch Event today, and with it came updates and new games announcements for mobile The two titles they gave updates on were Identity V and Onmyoji Arena, while the four new announcements were The Ragnarök, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, King of Hunters, and Code: T[...]
"Dead By Daylight Mobile" Will Launch In Spring 2020
The company has been working with NetEase Games since mid-2019 to bring the game to mobile devices without losing any of the aspects that make the game what it is The company hasn't given out an official release date, but they have opened up pre-registration Android users in the Americas and EMEA can pre-register here[...]
CCP & NetEase Announce "EVE Echoes" To Have An Open Beta
NetEase Games and CCP games announced this week that EVE Echoes will be getting an open beta, as well as being playable at EVE Vegas this weekend If you're not familiar with the game, this is basically a mobile version of EVE Online, giving iOS and Android players a chance to go mobile with their[...]