EVE Echoes Reveals The Next Expansion Called Indomitable

CCP Games and NetEase Games have revealed the next expansion coming to the mobile game EVE Echoes with Indomitable. The update went live today in the game as the content it contains will increase the scope of the game even further, according to the devs. This one will now let you maneuver around to claim your own slice of the galaxy and rule over it. Basically, a way for you to become your own Lando with your own Cloud City, but you're also a pilot who goes out and handles business. You'll also have to contend with in-game enemies and other players from time to time. You can read the full info below and check out the latest trailer for it as we wish you luck in claiming a piece of the galaxy for yourselves.

A look at the promo art for Indomitable, courtesy of CCP Games.
A look at the promo art for Indomitable, courtesy of CCP Games.

Indomitable will bring even fiercer fights to the regions of EVE Echoes classed as nullsec space, which are also known as the most hazardous and lawless systems in the game. The addition of highly anticipated Territorial Claim Units, Corporation Stations, and Player-owned Stations such as Citadels provides pilots with the chance to assert control and claim sovereignty over these nullsec areas. Citadels are not mere structures built to function in the background, rather they operate as both a base and shelter for players and their allies in these lawless and dangerous zones. These Citadels will become some of the most important strategic locations in New Eden, and the race to establish them has begun!

The stars and settlements of New Eden have already become a battleground for over three million mobile gamers. With the release of Indomitable, the scale of PvP conflicts is set to explode, as maximum fleet size has been increased to 50 pilots and alliance capacity has been expanded to 30 corporations. Moreover, EVE Echoes' newly implemented Time Dilation (TiDi) feature provides pilots with an improved gameplay experience when joining in the game's epic thousand-player battles together with their friends. When lots of pilots start to crowd in a system, TiDi will activate automatically and slow all in-game actions while keeping them running smoothly to prevent players from lagging and crashing. TiDi allows epic battles to take place on a scale never seen before in EVE Echoes. In order to claim sovereignty and expand their territory on the Starmap, pilots can resolve matters peacefully through diplomacy, or wage war across the galaxy. It is up to the players to write their own history among the stars.

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