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EVE Online: Viridian Receives New June Release Date

CCP Games revealed when the latest expansion for EVE Online will be coming out, as it will drop into the game next week.

CCP Games revealed the official release date for the next EVE Online expansion called Viridian, as the content is coming next week. In case you missed the reveal for this one, the new expansion focuses primarily on player-driven corporations, as it will add expanded toolsets to aid in group management. As well as additional ways to personalize player-owned structures, giving you plans for the new Lancer Dreadnaughts to build and fly, along with enhanced visuals. All of which will be coming to you on June 13th, 2023. You can read more info about the addition of Corporation Projects below, which came from their latest blog entry about the expansion's full list of additions.

EVE Online Announces New Viridian Expansion For 20th Anniversary
Credit: CCP Games

EVE Online Corporation Projects

In this expansion, we are targeting the corporations and their abilities to better manage themselves and to better express their identity. We are adding a new tool to empower corporation leaders to be able to give directions to their members where individual contributions can be tracked as the corporations works towards their collective goals. The projects and their progress are visible to every member of the corporation and the progress for each of the goals are updated automatically when it progresses for most tasks or manually for custom projects which are called Manual projects. The following projects are available:

  • Manual – A free-form type project that is an empty canvas; it is flexible and can be used for any purpose, with the caveat that the tracking of progress is manual.
  • Deliver Item – Members can be mobilized to deliver items to the corporation, for the purpose of anything from buyback programs to the corporation acquiring materials for large manufacturing jobs.
  • Destroy Non-Capsuleers – Contributions to this type of project are made by destroying Non-Capsuleers, optionally in a specific solar system.
  • Damage Capsuleers – In a PVP fight, a member can contribute to this project by dealing damage to another player; thus being recognized and rewarded for their effort without having to strike the final blow.
  • Mine Ore – A project that can be used to incentivize mining in a specific solar system to for example raise its Industrial Index.

Corporation CEO's and Directors have access to the Project Creation Tool which they can use to create up to 100 active projects. They also have access to a special tab for each project that displays each member's individual progress towards the goal of an active project and how much they contributed when the project is completed. Corporations with an office in either a Station or an Upwell Structure will have a new hangar called Projects. This hangar can have items dropped into it that are required to progress the Deliver Items project. Unlike other corporation hangars, this one does not have configurable access and is only accessible to either the corporation's CEO or Directors. Other members have drop access only. Projects can be linked in chat and other text fields by dragging and dropping.

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