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EVE Online Officially Launches Quadrant 3: Gateway
CCP Games has released the latest update for EVE Online this year, as they have unleashed Quadrant 3: Gateway to the general public Aside from the storyline now putting you and new pilots on track for a fun test of skill, this update also features more updates to the revamped new player experience Which they[...]
The EVE Online Grand Heist Event Is Currently Live
CCP Games has launched a brand new event into EVE Online as players can join into The Grand Heist to try and make off with big money f you've been paying attention to the currency of the game, you'll know that the in-game bank reserves have been steadily growing to the point where they are[...]
EVE Online Will Be Launching Quadrant 2: Foundation Tomorrow
CCP Games have revealed today a new update is coming to EVE Online that also celebrates the game's 18th Year The company will be launching Quadrant 2: Foundation tomorrow, the next progression of this season, which will be a free update for all players to get in on This new Quadrant will offer a series[...]
The Hunt Has Returned To EVE Online For April Fool's Day
CCP games have released a new update for EVE Online today that brings back The Hunt as part of April Fool's Day Startinmg today and running untl April 13th at 7am ET, you will have to find and destroy mysterious Guristas capsules and claim the keys inside Those keys will provide access to special time-limited[...]
CCP Games Launches First Quadrant Of 2021 With EVE Online: Reign
CCP Games revealed this morning that they've launched fir first quadrant of 2021 in EVE Online as players can now experience Reign This new quadrant will have you dealing with a bit of the fallout from 2020's long event that led to months of war, and you are now trying to vie for tactical supremacy[...]
EVE Online Sets World Record For Most Expensive Video Game Battle
CCP Games are celebrating yet another Guinness World Record for EVE Online today as they earned one that set records in a monetary fashion According to Guinness, that giant Massacre at M2-XFE scored them a couple of new records as they achieved the Most Costly Video Game Battle at $378,012 What's more, they added another[...]
EVE Online Kicks Off Their Winter Nexus Event Today
CCP Games has officially launched their Winter nexus event into EVE Online, giving players a little holiday fun And by fun, we mean sheer terror with ice and snow in space From now until January 5th, you'll be able to experience a couple of new challenges and events including a 13 Days of Nexus login[...]
CCP Games Releases A New String Of Updates Into EVE Online
Following up on their world record-setting encounter, CCP Games is moving forward with EVE Online as they've released a number of updates While the past year of conflict has had multiple updates come to the game in various ways, some of them left a few gaps and some other issues that need to be addressed[...]
EVE Online Has Broken Two Guinness World Records
Some kind words are owed to CCP Games and the team behind EVE Online as they have broken two Guinness World Records According to the devs and GWR themselves, the two world records broken last week were the Largest Multiplayer Video Game PvP Battle with 8,825 players, and the Most Concurrent Participants In A Multiplayer[...]
CCP Games Officially Launches EVE Online: Phoenix
CCP Games has officially revealed the fourth and final quadrant to this year's worth of chaos with EVE Online: Phoenix After plunging the game into random attacks, then forcing the players into war, and eventually survival mode, they will now start the healing and rebuilding process as the galaxy rises from the ashes and begins[...]
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Following up on their lengthy Invasion story this past year, CCP Games has launched a new chapter today with EVE Online: Zenith Following up on Quadrant 1: Fight or Flight and Quadrant 2: Eclipse, the developers have now made way for Quadrant 3: Zenith which will be the final part of the Triglavian Invasion storyline[...]
CCP Games Reveals Chapter 3 Of EVE Online's Invasion
CCP Games decided to kick the door open on the third chapter to the Invasion storyline in EVE Online today with new info and a trailer This will be the final chapter of the major game-changing event, marking the culmination of the Triglavian story that has thrown New Eden deep into conflict The chapter has[...]
EVE Online Eclipse (2020 Quadrant 2) Key Art
CCP Games revealed today that EVE Online will soon be getting the Second Quadrant of 2020 added to the game as the devs present "Eclipse".  This is essentially going to be an expansion onto the game that will include new live events, celebrations, login campaigns, visual updates, huge balance changes, and new mysterious ships and[...]
CCP Games & NetEase Have Been Certified To Publish "EVE Online" In China
CCP Games along with NetEase are celebrating this week as they have officially been certified to publish EVE Online in China As any publisher knows, the process of getting officially authorized to operate in the People's Republic of China is a pain But they achieved it! The two companies are currently making final adjustments and[...]
CCP Games Announces EVE Fanfest Will Return To Iceland
We will be providing further details over the course of the next few weeks, so please keep an eye on all EVE Online social media channels for these updates. Another convention has been given the axe this week as CCP Games has decided to skip EVE Fanfest 2020 over the coronavirus The company issued a[...]