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EVE Online Reveals 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition
CCP Games have teamed up with Limited Run Games to release a special 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition for EVE Online, complete with some special additions To be very clear, this is not the game, you are purchasing a copy of the game to play This is a special collection of items, both physical and digital,[...]
EVE Online Launches Microsoft Excel Add-In Today
For the hardcore EVE Online player who is basically playing the game like they run a third-world country, there's a new addition available to help you It's true, if you don't believe it, go look up some YouTube clips, but there are people who get so invested in the way the game is played; they[...]
EVE Online Launches New Viridian Expansion With Latest Trailer
CCP Games have officially launched the latest expansion for EVE Online today, as players can now jump into the new wonders and options of Viridian The new content will bring more power to the players as they focus squarely on player-driven corporations Yes, you get to experience more capitalism in space and all of the[...]
EVE Online Announces New Viridian Expansion For 20th Anniversary
CCP Games revealed the official release date for the next EVE Online expansion called Viridian, as the content is coming next week In case you missed the reveal for this one, the new expansion focuses primarily on player-driven corporations, as it will add expanded toolsets to aid in group management As well as additional ways[...]
CCP Games To Launch EVE Online Fanfest Documentary At 2023 Event
CCP Games have released the new EVE Online film, Belonging: An EVE Fanfest Documentary, looking back at last year's event in Reykjavik, Iceland The doc was filmed throughout the 2022 event and is being presented now to help celebrate the game's 20th Anniversary The team also revealed its official in-house band, Crowd Kon7rol, and the[...]
EVE Online Announces New Viridian Expansion For 20th Anniversary
CCP Games revealed a brand new expansion that will be coming to EVE Online this morning, as Viridian will arrive sometime this June This will be the first of two major expansions to be put into the game this year, as Viridian has been designed to give you more customization and personalization options throughout the[...]
EVE Online To Erect Physical Monument In Iceland
CCP Games has revealed a new way you can help celebrate your character in EVE Online as they are going to erect a real-world monument to the game in Iceland The company revealed the monument you see below, as they will be dedicating this to all of the people who helped make the game a[...]
EVE Online Adds The New Path To War Update This Week
CCP Games has given EVE Online a brand new update that brings a little change to the game as players will discover the Path To War The update isn't too massive, but it definitely adds some new features and storyline elements that will change the course of the game a bit First off, you'll have[...]
EVE Online Reveals 2023 Plans With Roadmap & Livestream
CCP Games revealed more details of what they have planned for content coming in 2023 for EVE Online, including a live stream The team revealed their plans for what they want to bring to the game this year, as well as a few other pieces of info about improvements coming to the franchise We have[...]
CCP Games Unveils The EVE Fanfest 2023 Dates
CCP Games have officially announced the date for EVE Fanfest 2023, as the celebration of all things EVE Online will happen next September The event is scheduled to take place in Reykjavík, Iceland from September 21st-23rd, 2023 This latest event not only returns to bring a public forum but will celebrate the game's 20th anniversary,[...]
CCP Games Reveals EVE Online's Next Major Expansion, EVE: Uprising
CCP Games have officially launched their latest content update to EVE Online as players can now experience EVE: Uprising Players will be able to see a brand new experience as the team has given the game a bit of an upgrade all-around, along with a ton of new content added to the mix as you[...]
EVE Online
CCP Games have revealed more details for the upcoming Uprising expansion for EVE Online, which will be released on November 8th This expansion will add sixteen new ships to the mix, as you'll be getting a bevy of choices that will both enhance your fleet and give you options when charting your path across various[...]
CCP Games Reveals EVE Online's Next Major Expansion, EVE: Uprising
CCP Games has revealed the latest expansion coming to EVE Online as they showed off EVE: Uprising this week This will drastically change a number of aspects when it's introduced to the game in November 2022, including the introduction of Frontlines to the Factional War, several new ships which you can gather from massive hangers,[...]
EVE Online Expands New Player Options With Dedicated Career Program
CCP Games has expanded its new player experience in EVE Online this week with a few new additions, including a Dedicated Career Program As part of this new addition, players can explore the AIR Career Program, which will teach rookie pilots about four career paths that will help them support themselves in New Eden The[...]
CCP Games Announces Cloud-Based Platform EVE Anywhere
CCP Games announced a brand new addition to EVE Online today as the company has launched EVE Anywhere for use on multiple browsers This is a brand new cloud-based platform for the spaceship for the game that is powered by Intel technology, as it will allow you the ability to access EVE Online directly from[...]
CCP Games Teases Two New EVE Online Related Projects
CCP Games revealed today they have two new projects coming out related to EVE Online, each one through a different studio During the EVE Keynote at Fanfest 2022, the company teased that they have two specific titles in the works as they are having two different studios working on a first-person shooter and a 4X[...]
EVE Fanfest 2022 Reveals "New Era" For EVE Online
CCP Games make a pretty bold statement at the beginning of EVE Fanfest 2022 this week as they declared a new era of EVE Online is on the way Some key points that were touched upon today include the introduction of Arcs, where players will be able to shape their own storyline within the game[...]
Eve Online Digital Comics Coming to Hardcover in November
Dark Horse Comics has announced plans to publish a hardcover collection of Eve Online: Capsuleer Chronicles, collecting four digital comics based on the popular online video game The digital comics are written by Sam Maggs and Melissa Gray, with art by Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines, and Sebastian Cheng The collected edition will hit comic book[...]
Doctor Who Is Coming To EVE Online In Massive Crossover
CCP Games has partnered with BBC Studios for a massive crossover event in EVE Online as Doctor Who will be descending into their universe The event is being called the Interstellar Convergence, and if that title didn't tip hardcore fans off enough, you should know that it will center around battling one of the biggest[...]
Dark Horse Launches New EVE Online Comics, Digitally Today
In 2014, Dark Horse Comics and CCP Games published comic books, in digital and print, from the world of EVE Online Now, Dark Horse has announced that partnership will continue with EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles, a new four-issue miniseries from the universe of EVE, launching digitally today. EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles #1 Creators Melissa Grey, Sam Maggs,[...]
EVE Online Launches Final 2021 Quadrant With New Dawn
CCP Games has officially launched the final Quadrant for EVE Online in 2021 as players can now experience the age of prosperity in New Dawn Depending on the kind of player you are, this will either excite you or just make you go into readiness mode as this particular Quadrant is dedicated to strengthening the[...]
EVE Fanfest Will Be Returning To Iceland In May 2022
This event will be the first in-person EVE Online convention to take place since the EVE Invasion World Tour in 2019 There were plans to hold events in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic basically crushed all of them and made it difficult to do anything in 2021 with travel restrictions But it looks like they're[...]
EVE Online Officially Launches Quadrant 3: Gateway
CCP Games has released the latest update for EVE Online this year, as they have unleashed Quadrant 3: Gateway to the general public Aside from the storyline now putting you and new pilots on track for a fun test of skill, this update also features more updates to the revamped new player experience Which they[...]
The EVE Online Grand Heist Event Is Currently Live
CCP Games has launched a brand new event into EVE Online as players can join into The Grand Heist to try and make off with big money f you've been paying attention to the currency of the game, you'll know that the in-game bank reserves have been steadily growing to the point where they are[...]
EVE Online Will Be Launching Quadrant 2: Foundation Tomorrow
CCP Games have revealed today a new update is coming to EVE Online that also celebrates the game's 18th Year The company will be launching Quadrant 2: Foundation tomorrow, the next progression of this season, which will be a free update for all players to get in on This new Quadrant will offer a series[...]
The Hunt Has Returned To EVE Online For April Fool's Day
CCP games have released a new update for EVE Online today that brings back The Hunt as part of April Fool's Day Startinmg today and running untl April 13th at 7am ET, you will have to find and destroy mysterious Guristas capsules and claim the keys inside Those keys will provide access to special time-limited[...]
CCP Games Launches First Quadrant Of 2021 With EVE Online: Reign
CCP Games revealed this morning that they've launched fir first quadrant of 2021 in EVE Online as players can now experience Reign This new quadrant will have you dealing with a bit of the fallout from 2020's long event that led to months of war, and you are now trying to vie for tactical supremacy[...]
EVE Online Sets World Record For Most Expensive Video Game Battle
CCP Games are celebrating yet another Guinness World Record for EVE Online today as they earned one that set records in a monetary fashion According to Guinness, that giant Massacre at M2-XFE scored them a couple of new records as they achieved the Most Costly Video Game Battle at $378,012 What's more, they added another[...]
EVE Online Kicks Off Their Winter Nexus Event Today
CCP Games has officially launched their Winter nexus event into EVE Online, giving players a little holiday fun And by fun, we mean sheer terror with ice and snow in space From now until January 5th, you'll be able to experience a couple of new challenges and events including a 13 Days of Nexus login[...]
CCP Games Releases A New String Of Updates Into EVE Online
Following up on their world record-setting encounter, CCP Games is moving forward with EVE Online as they've released a number of updates While the past year of conflict has had multiple updates come to the game in various ways, some of them left a few gaps and some other issues that need to be addressed[...]