Fallout 76 Will Be Online 'Forever' Says Pete Hines

Bethesda's Pete Hines has said, jokingly, that Fallout 76 will be online forever.

Fallout 76
credit//Bethesda Softworks

Having played a couple hours of Fallout 76, I still have a lot of questions. The smoothness of player interaction leaves me uncertain, but the tone and story of the game is intriguing. The experience of being the first ones to step out into the new, terrifying world adds a hopeless nihilism to the franchise that I can get behind. Well… even more hopeless nihilism. The question is though, how will the Fallout community embrace the online nature of the game?

Or perhaps, the real question is for how long? Any online, service game requires continual support to stay fresh. Games like Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Destiny, Overwatch and more all have very, very active development teams making sure the games have remain active. So, is there currently a plan in place for how long Fallout 76 will last? Well, not really. Talking to Gamespot, Bethesda's Pete Hines gave a pretty emphatic answer.

How long is [Fallout 76] going to be up? Forever.

He did, however, clarify the answer saying:

I don't know how to give an answer other than that. It's not like anybody makes a game and goes, 'Well this is going to make it for 10 years if we're lucky.' Nobody thinks that way. How long has WoW been up now? Is that game planning to sunset in a year? I seriously doubt it.

That's fair enough too. It's clear that Bethesda isn't putting any kind of cap on Fallout 76's life. While reaching the lifespan of World of Warcraft might be optimistic, it's clear that even by invoking the name Bethesda are in this for the long haul.