Fast Travel Games Unveils New GameVRoom, Launches Next Week

Fast Travel Games unveiled a new platform of sorts for VR gamers as GameVRoom, a brand-new app that brings regular titles to VR. This is a very specific app that allows users to play non-VR games from Steam on a virtual screen, utilizing VR headsets and controllers to play the game. In essence, if you want to play something like Hades on Celeste on a VR headset, this is the way to do so, giving you the experience of playing a regular game in a virtual environment. The new app will lainch into Steam's Early Access on December 15th, but before that, here's more info and a trailer to show you what this all entails.

Fast Travel Games Unveils New GameVRoom, Launches Next Week
Credit: Fast Travel Games

"With GameVRoom, users can enjoy a socially immersive experience while playing non-VR titles with friends using their VR headsets. Players can host a private or public room, set the theme as a chic apartment or a sleek spaceship, and dive into their library of desktop Steam games. Experience first-person shooters, platformers, RPGs, and more in a fresh way with up to three friends in multiplayer mode. GameVRoom is equipped with unique tools and features for custom gameplay, giving users the ability to:

  • Emulate a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad for seamless movement in ways tailored for VR.
  • Create virtual buttons to use as controls in-game.
  • Bind controller actions, gestures, or poses to any keyboard, mouse, or gamepad button.
  • Enter multiplayer mode to spectate, play split-screen in "couch co-op" or control different parts of a single-player game."

"GameVRoom harnesses the power of VR so players can re-experience their Steam games in a shared, immersive space," said Jonatan Crafoord, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Really Interactive. "Whether you want to bring back some nostalgia with split-screen multiplayer or just hang out while watching a friend play, GameVRoom offers a host of features to enhance the original gaming experience. This is just the beginning – many more features will be added throughout Early Access."

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